Very nervous - deaf and trans trying to get my recently acquired van into good shape for vanlife

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Welcome Willow! If you have the funds please plan on attending the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous (RTR and WRTR) in Quartzsite in January. The gatherings are LGBTQ+ friendly.
There have been discussions about having someone signing at the seminars but I don't know if that will happen.
People go to Puerto Penasco, Mexico to get their vans and RVs painted. It's a lot cheaper than in the US and they do a good job. A friend of mine did that a few years ago and her paint job is beautiful.
Is it too late for me to get some assistance? I only just found out about this. Battling cancer and I've lost my house so nomad life it is. Just need some help getting the van liveable.
Bless you, darling, for being out there and doing what you love. Sounds like folks on this forum get who you are and are welcoming you into the tribe. Yes, caution is necessary, but love will overcome fear.
Get a factory service manual for your specific vehicle if you can, they are on Ebay and places like that (avoid the Haynes manuals, they are almost useless). It will help orient you to the layout of your van mechanically and give you the procedures to do the repairs. Do what you can then have a garage do the things you can't. In my case it was the horrible front drivers side shock on the Econoline. Saved me a fortune to do the other work myself, most of which was just remove and replace type stuff. Know you van mechanically and you'll be confident in your ability to pick up and go. And don't listen to the scared ignorant, they are miserable so they have to make everyone else miserable too. Good Luck!
Maybe with proper counseling you could learn the difference between random insults and rational discussion.
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