Van Aid 2023 - Plomosa Road - Feb 2 to Feb 16

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Sep 13, 2018
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I will be there later rather than sooner. I can pitch in on some of the projects as I have good fabrication, design and measuring skills plus CAD software and a printer.
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Jan 18, 2017
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I plan to wander over from Phoenix metro are sometime after the 3rd. Let me know if I can ferry something over for you. It has to fit in a Mazda 3. Smaller solar panels fit and I go past Gilbert where San Tan Solar is located. I'm offering transportation. Not yet in a position to spot the acquisition prices.


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Jul 24, 2020
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Maine USA
Welcome to VanAid 2023!

Please read this entire post.

This will be a gathering of Nomad friends, boondocking/camping in the same general area with the intention of helping each other out with small rig construction and repair projects for free. There will be no charging for labor at this gathering. Two weeks is a very short time when it comes to construction projects, please set your expectations realistically. You are responsible for getting to the tables and working with volunteers.

There is no one in charge of this gathering, despite this, there are some guidelines that will help us complete the mission of Van Aid.

There will be Red Flags to guide you off Plomosa Road to the general location. If you run a generator a lot (like I do) go off to the right, maybe we can help each other by putting genny people off to one side.

A blue flag and special symbol will mark the Center Camp location.

Feel free to use the discussion area of this event ( to post your needs or abilities. It's best if you have all the materials and parts for your project before you come. Someone has volunteered to run for donations and other supplies, but the more that can provide this, the better.

If you need help, please post a picture of you and a picture of your rig to help people identify and find you. When you get to the event, please edit your post to include a pin to your exact location. Please post a picture or pictures of the area needing work. Post a picture and description of the materials you have, or ask for help to develop a list of needed materials to bring with you. Post a description of the job you would like done. Remember, two weeks is a limited amount of time and the job should be small enough to accomplish during the event. Post how you intend to help other nomads during the event.

If you are able to help some who has posted, please respond to their post that you are will to do the work.

First official day is Thur. Feb. 2nd. Find a place to park for the night and do your setup. First orientation meeting will be Friday Feb. 3 at 11 AM. Thereafter, if you have a project you need work on, or a skill you want to volunteer, come to Center Camp at 10 AM to hook up and get a project started.

In order to make the process a little smoother, there will be four tables spread out in the center camp area. They will be labeled: electrical; mechanical; carpentry; and sewing. The first day will probably be a bit hectic, but should sort itself out. After that, if you finish a project and start another, just go back to the tables at 10AM meet your next partner. This kind of gathering will work best if we have an overabundance of people who are volunteering to help.

We need tables at center camp, I will be putting mine there with a Blue Flag and a special symbol.

Building Fire Pit… We need a fire pit at center camp.

It is Nomads like yourselves getting together like this that will allow us to solve problems as a group. For example, I’ve got a spare solar panel that I’d be happy to give away. Someone probably bought some new lithium batteries and has a half-good lead-acid to give away. Not to mention the plethora of Nomads with skills that would be happy to hammer or sew or wrench for a week or two for Nomad brothers and sisters in need of a little help and who are willing to help too. If you have skills, this is the perfect time to share them. This is also a great opportunity for you to find a Nomad builder that you might hire for a larger project at a different time.

Please come with the spirit of giving. Even if you do not have build or repair skills, you will certainly have skills that can be used to support the community. You might have a pick-up truck that could be used for dump runs; van construction projects will create a significant amount of scrap material that needs to get to the nearby transfer station. Or, you might just cook bacon and take it around to the folks working on rigs. You get the idea, everyone has the ability to give something.

In prior years Tyll brought the “Nomad Center Camp gear” …. So this year will be a bit less decorated, but the spirit will still be there.

There will be an open mic on the 5th and 15th with some amplification.

There will also be an acoustic open mic, date to be determined.

We will also have a potluck On Sat the 11th or Sun the 12 as a rain/wind date.

Please bring Fire Wood for center camp. Donations for firewood can be given to me and we can lump it together and recruit a volunteer to make a run to the vendor.

It will be Colder than normal this year… The lows will be in the 40s with highs in the 60s and there will be wind, oh yes, we mustn’t forget wind. Please come prepared. (recent forecasts show a couple of days in the 70s)

Free Building Materials – There will be a free pile near center camp for donated materials ONLY. Do not put games, art, stuff, etc in this area.

It is absolutely imperative that we leave the desert cleaner than we found it. Please pick up after your dogs. Please pick up litter even if it's not yours. Oil changes are not permitted on BLM land.

If you are doing any significant engine work please use a drop cloth or cardboard underneath to catch any liquid drops.

Please leash your dogs. All pets and people must be non-aggressive. Not all people or pets get along. If disagreements can not be settled like responsible adults/dog owners, both parties will be asked to leave. It is also Coyote breeding season and they are more active.

Please turn off all generators and turn music way down at 10PM. If you need to run a generator for medical reasons please park your rig on the outskirts of the gathering. The focus of Van Aid is the aid and the fellowship, so please, let’s keep the party down to a mild roar.

Lastly, have fun and enjoy being in the company of your brother and sister Nomads!

Here's the pin:


33.76536905579578, -114.17343042167613 is Center Camp

Directions: Turn off 95 onto Plomosa Rd. Go to 2-mile marker…. from that point the road is straight. As soon as the road begins to curve to the right (about 2.9 miles total), turn left onto the dirt. Look for Red Flag at Plomosa Rd and at the Wash. Left again into the first long wash, on the above pins. Camp in the general area.

Everyone will have to work together to make Center Camp, by doing what you can to enhance that general area. Tyll did a lot to create a special place, and that will be up to you attendees. Get creative.

I (Jason) will not be camping next to center camp. I have a newly adopted rescue/street dog and the stimulation would be *way* too much for her, and me. Should you want to come visit, I have a brown and gold class A RV. There will be a green shade cloth set up with a black and white Pirate Flag off one corner. Please leave your dog at home for now… and thanks.

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