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Random Painted Highway

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Sep 16, 2016
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Northern Rockies
My wife has been battling cancer for almost two years now-stage 4 palliative care.  This spring, she finally decided that enough was enough, and applied for SSDI benefits.  Because of Social Security's "compassionate list" she was fast tracked and approved for disability in less than a week. 

Before we applied, we printed out the checklist of items that the office would ask for and was prepared with all the information needed.  The initial application was completed over the phone with a local rep from social security taking the information.  

Some info asked: birth, marriages, children, military service, employer details, direct deposit bank info, medical conditions, doctors, hospitals etc, job history, education and training.

Application took less than one hour.  One can also apply online.

We were able to view the application process online once logged into social security.

The benefit letter was posted online in her account a week later, and we received a paper copy about 2 weeks later in the mail.

I just wanted to share our story in applying for ssdi. Knowing what we now know we probably should have applied earlier with her health condition, but we are relieved that this financial part is completed and she can focus on healing.

She also just received her America the Beautiful Access Pass-we will start using it after this chemo cycle is finished :)

Don't wait for the perfect time to make a change in your life, because there is no perfect time.

See you on the road someday soon~
That is great information, and thanks for posting it here.

I believe the delayed-by-years approvals come from situations not as clear cut as your wife’s.

Enjoy your travels together.