September is just around the corner - Time to start winter preps

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Apr 7, 2021
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Time flies, we MUST be having fun !

It may still be hot where you are....but cooler weather is closing in fast for many.

August will be winding down in a couple more weeks, then September arrives.
With it the beginning of the cooler season for many.

Time to finish up those repairs and modifications before the first cold blast arrives.

What are you doing to prepare for the coming cooler / cold weather?

I'm insulating my van to make sure that the next time I'm in weather down to about zero I won't freeze.
Last winter (early this year) I got caught in a cold snap in April that saw temps dip just below freezing and I spent
a couple of really uncomfortable nights dealing with it.

New heating system?  Mods to your vehicle?
tx2sturgis said:
Gotta order propane. A couple hundred gallons outta do it!

And before everyone else !
I made the mistake of waiting too late one year and was told it might be Spring.....yeow

Will 200 gallons get you through the entire winter season?
I've only been here at this location for 2 winter seasons, but it seems typical to use around 60 gallons of propane per month heating this entire structure, or most of it. 

That's a rough average baseline and obviously it varies. So, 200 gallons will probably carry me into the spring of next year, and because I have about 80 gallons in the tank leftover from last season, I should be OK. BTW that is a 500 gallon tank...typically considered 'full' at about 400 gallons or so. 

Bulk propane (delivered) is up to $2.20/gal here, so I'm hoping it will dip below $2 before October. If not, I will order it anyway...gotta have it!
Um, I think you should grab the 2.20 price. In the future it could be three bucks. I’m shutting the place I built down. Why blow through 400 gallons just to keep an empty house warm. Getting excited to complete my electric and dial in my camper. I’m hoping for a great winter in the desert meeting up and having a great time.
Good luck with your builds and prep everyone!
Been in the mountains in WNC all summer.Looking forward to Sept.College football starts in 2 weeks.I haven't killed a deer in several years but think I will this year.Meat is getting expensive. We will be heading to south Ga to winter on our property.Going to gut and remodel a neglected double wide on our place.Hope everyone has a good fall season.By the way,I turned 76 today.
I will be in Southern AZ for the winter this year. Last winterI was also there. I went through about 5 gallons of diesel for heat for the whole season including having spent the fall on the WA Coast.. myheating cost was about $24.00 total . I do not run the heater all night, just iin the evening and early morning. I have a good thick down sleeping bag and an insulated, but small travel trailer so no need to heat it all night as it never got very much below the upper 20s for more than a couple of hours around 5 to 7 am. I dress appropriately for the cold evenings and early mornings.

I have no special preparations to do to get ready for winter other than driving anout 90 minutes south from northern Arizona and changing my generator carburetor jet port from the high elevation size back to the standard size. I doneed to put window covers up at night time, but that is a quick task at dusk and then take them off in the morning after the sun gets up high enogh to produce some warmth.
I've only just started living on the road about two months ago so it's all new to me. Most likely I'll just stay to the southern states and work on some light insulating projects (I still haven't made that reflectix window covering for my Jeep Liberty lol) and the like. And will be spending much of the holidays time with family in Alabama. The only thing I can think of that I really need to get sorted is a warmer sleeping bag and some way to protect my electronics against the freezing temp. Also need to update my wardrobe anyway so gonna grab some warmer wears.