Refilling Coleman bottles from a 5 pound tank?

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I picked up a Mr. Heater adapter at Menards, a digital scale at Walmart, and set about filling some Coleman bottles using the procedure I found in this youtube video...

...a very safe, effective and straighforward approach.

Worked well and as he described. The tank was probably about 3/4 full to begin. Got a full 16 oz in the first two, and the third about 8. At that point, there didn't seem to be enough pressure to get much more in. So I'm thinking a full tank should fill three no problem, and still have enough left for some useful work until it needs a recharge.
Oddly enough, the 5lb without a gauge is apparently classified as Hazardous Material and cannot be delivered to a Locker while the exact same tank with gauge will go to a Locker, no questions asked.

For some reason Amazon won't even take a return of a propane stove I bought. Single burner Coleman that Bob recommended. I decided it was too big and wanted to return it (unused) and they wouldn't take it for the same reason... Hazardous Material. I contacted them and said it must be an error because there is nothing hazardous about it and there couldn't be, since there are no chemicals and no way to store them in the stove. So... they just refunded my money! If anybody wants it...
With the new cheaper diesel heaters being able to set outside and duct air in that would be my choice even with the tent.

If you want heat, those look like the best way to go, since you can refuel them when you get gas, and the lack of moisture generation is nice.

I've been doing some experiments with a little propane lantern. At ~200W (32 hours/lb) it's very quiet, and enough to keep the temperature boosted 10-15 degrees. If I crank it up to 800W, it can get pretty toasty in there, but the condensation is bad on the windows (haven't made my sealed covers yet!). Tried my stove, but that will only go down to ~600W. Nice clean flame though... the lantern doesn't seem to burn as clean for some reason; has a smell.

Never had any heat in the past... just camped in places where it got warm during the day, and bundling up was good enough down to freezing or so. The 1lb cans last me a couple weeks cooking... and they are simpler to deal with than getting tanks filled.

Adding amenities and comforts (or just surviving in frozen places!) adds complication and weight and space. Getting propane refilled is a bit of a process (going to the place, getting someone to help you, entertaining them while they do it, going in to pay your bill) that I don't think I'd want to do it very often, so a 20lb tank would be best. But it wouldn't be much worse to fill multiple 5 lb tanks, and these are small enough to move around easily. I'd do that before refilling 1lb cans on the road. There is some expense for the 5 lb tanks (they cost the same as 20 lb tanks) and adapters and hoses you'll need though.
You must know where to shop! I've seen 20 lb as cheap as $40, and 5 lb for $45.
Everywhere I've seen selling 20 lb tanks around here (the swap & shop type places) sell the full 20 lb tanks for about $65. Tank swapping costs about $20-26 varying per location.
For the green propane bottles I've refilled I've purchased brass bottle caps. So if there would be the slightest leakage the caps would seal it.

You can purchase these in various lots at different price ranges. But three bottles that I've refilled would be all I'll ever carry.

Brass Refill Propane Bottle Caps
^^^ if you purge via the main valve like in the video the caps would probably help. Where I purged with the safety valve while filling was where I usually had problems with leakage. I eventually stored them outside the camper and if one I had filled had leaked off when I checked its weight the next day I would not refill it again. To me it was just easier to use a good quality Teflon lined hose from the larger tank I used to fill with.
That's a nice thing about the refillable ones, you don't have to overcome any opposing pressure build-up as they fill. They have a tiny venting valve near the top you open with a small allen wrench so any pressure is relieved as the liquid flows in. Plus you know when it's properly full - when the vent starts to spurt little bits of liquid you know it's time to shut all the valves, you're done.

LOL, you could probably even fill these from a 3lb'er for some superb micro-management