Preparing to live in 2-door hatchback, seeking advice.

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Fed EX has lots of store fronts plus they have associated merchant sites where they can ship your package to and it will be held for you there.
Back in the day (20+ years ago) I used to give the address of the local UPS, Fedex, or USPS and "hold for pickup". Do you know if that is allowed anymore?
Lerca: yes, I've seen the video you reference, and I've been seriously considering getting the New Mexico parks pass. That would give me a good starting point to get used to things and feel secure while I figure out how I want things to be in my space and learn what I'll really need. :)
NM has a pretty wide range of elevation so it shouldn't be tough to move around to where it's nice for most of the year. Spring can be windy, and July and Aug can be kinda wet in some areas. In the depths of winter you'd probably want to be around Yuma or Quartzsite where it's warmest.
Back in the day (20+ years ago) I used to give the address of the local UPS, Fedex, or USPS and "hold for pickup". Do you know if that is allowed anymore?

Most USPS Post Offices have "General Delivery" still. Just call the one you're looking to use and verify and ask how long they hold the mail/packages for.
Most USPS Post Offices have "General Delivery" still. Just call the one you're looking to use and verify and ask how long they hold the mail/packages for.
Thanks. I wonder if UPS and Fedex do? Actually I'm not sure it was officially "allowed" then as I recall getting some comments to that effect. But they always hung onto the packages for me, rather than send them back.
I have to admit, Walmart was my friend. Ok, Walmart isn't anyone's friend, exactly, but it was a very good place to start. I found a 24-hour one that felt comparatively safe and quiet. People didn't want to make eye contact or conversation, which was a relief at the time, but I still felt safer than just parking on the street - I didn't feel anxious about getting out of my car and clearly setting it up for the night, plenty of other people doing this too. I even changed most of my clothes in their bathroom, a lot easier than doing it in the car. There actually were no emergencies, but in the very beginning it was just good to know there was a safety net, a solution to temperature, bathroom, clothing, bedding, camping, water and food disasters ten yards from my door day or night. Obviously it's ugly and 'urban', nothing like the glorious videos people keep posting of, apparently, their own private 500 acre nature preserves with personal lakes, but it isn't a bad transition space. Sounds like you might already have enough experience under your belt not to need this, but keep it in your mind as you go. Good luck!
Hey Stix welcome to "breaking out to the other side" LOL got near nothing about doing your car but played drums too in my youth and transitioned more to hand drums as I got older so maybe a small Dunbeck or Jimbe' somewhere in the future. Best wishes ~ Sky
Hi Stix, in the future when you get more settled, you can buy an electric drum kit. They are tiny and very portable compared to a snare kit. You can also get something to power it if it won't run off car battery, but I bet it would.
I'm not very social or active online. I'm a lurker, usually. However -- I found Cheap RV Living through YouTube and I wanted to say it's been a profound resource and confidence/inspiration builder for me. So... I wanted to thank Bob, Suanne, and everybody who makes the videos possible, and everyone who shows their builds & tips. It's really helped me make some decisions that I think will make my journey better and safer. I'm still half terrified, but that may just be my current life stress seeping into everything it shouldn't be. Anyway...

I tend to be verbose in text, so... cutting to the chase-- advice needed:

1). How can I order things online to help me build out my car as needed in the weeks after I've started living on the road? Where would they be delivered?

2). Any specific locations you'd highly recommend for this first-timer to acclimate to her new life for a few weeks? Ideally: free (or very cheap), safe, but I won't have to be too close to others (I'm not social), but with resources not too far if I find I've forgotten a major thing. Not off-road, because I have an itty-bitty car (not much ground clearance), and personally, I'm out of shape. I prefer cool, wet, and mountains as opposed to hot, sparse or flat scenery (but I'll take ALL advice into consideration). I was trying to get a summer job I'd had before at a resort near Jackson Wyoming (the valley is so beautiful it makes me ache), but it looks like I've missed the best window of opportunity for that. Plus, I'm having major knee problems and I figure not working will actually be healthier for me for a while. I love that area, but I know staying there is very hard on the finances, so unlikely for me for long. The states I'd most like suggestions for: South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, New Mexico. Not trying to be picky, just trying to give a lot of information because I usually see a lot of vague questions on forums.

3) Any other tips are welcome! I've watched a ton of Bob's videos (and others). I'm going for bare minimum living at first. Just the basics (eating, sleeping, keeping warm, waste, cleanliness) and that's probably it, to start. But if anything jumps out at you that you think I should know, I'm all ears. I'm trying to do this right, or as close as I can get, but I'm still learning.

More Detail:
I'll be heading out around the last week of April, and will likely be living in my car for at least 5-6 months, if not longer. I'm leaving a situation that is physically comfortable but making me deteriorate mentally. I'm scared, but I have to go be on my own, focus on myself for the first time in years, and just concentrate on being healthy mentally and physically, not needing anything from others, and not having others needing things from me.

I've randomly slept in my car a lot over the years to escape my home life or get some peace & quiet, but I've never lived in a vehicle. I have been camping a few times, years ago (still have the tents and sleeping bags though), and I've traveled coast to coast alone before, and done numerous shorter 2k mile trips, so that should help a bit. But it's still daunting to make the big leap.

I thought I'd be traveling with a sizeable trailer, but life intervened and I will likely end up in my tiny Hyundai accent hatchback with 217k miles on it (new engine and clutch 2.5 years ago, but still.), simply because I already own it, and that leaves more of my meager savings to live on for a while as I figure my life out (as long as the car holds up okay). I'll make do with what I have. That's my motto lately. I actually have some designs in my head for car living (now that I've adjusted to that idea), and I'll gladly share them later if they build out okay.

I'm currently in the planning phase, trimming my "wants" down to "needs" as far as things I must purchase before I leave. I know my "wants" may change as I experience the reality of living and utilizing the space in my car for a few weeks, and I don't want to regret a crazy build layout, so I'm not letting myself go nuts (also, my budget is small and won't allow it... heck, my car is small too and won't allow it! lol).

I had trouble deciding on a forum name, but I used to play a 5-piece drum kit, so I went with Stix. I can't fit the drum set in my car with a mattress though. maybe someday if I have a trailer. ;) I may still pack the sticks though. Hard to let go, even though I'm way out of practice.

Also, I may privacy and solo time a lot, but I do hope to meet some of you someday. Maybe I'll join up with a caravan at some point.

Anyway, you all seem like good folks. Hi.
You can order off of Amazon and have stuff shipped to one of their lockers nearby your location. I have used General Delivery in the past when I have Mail sent from my mailbox service and an occasional package if I know the location and Delivery timeliness in advance. I like the PNW as I'm not real keen on the desert or the food choices I've experienced down south.