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These pix are from my stay near Ormond Beach.
Above & below my scenic & peaceful private spot at Tomoka State Park.

Above & below my spots at Tiger Bay State Forest.
Beautiful n private places to be me alone with my solitude
Yeah who lives better than I do ? Ido!
Vagabon Jon.
I’ve never spent any time at Georgia beaches having always left Florida jumpin on I 95 and driving the 2 hours across Jawja not stopping till entering South Carolina. This year tho decided it was time to explore some Georgia coastal areas mostly for something new… different.
I first intended to check out Jekyll Island but was greeted by a big gate there that resembled something like the moat gate to a gothic medieval castle complete with signs charging an 8$ Entrance Fee disguised as an island wide Parking fee…… yo kay. What a crock a shit, I thought, take your island & shove it as I left and headed to St Simons Island instead some 20 miles or so up the road.

Absolutely loved hangin out on St. Simons spending time at 2 different beach spots and spent one day too at Fort Fredericka National Monument.

Left St Simons with the idea of spending a day at Tybee Island east of Savannah but it was sooo crowded with spring break tourists and they charge 4$/hr for parking anywhere & everywhere. Nope, I thought, time to blow this place and after only 3 days left Jawja and cruised into South Carolina……

My only remaining interest with Georgia Coast is to someday hopefully spend some time on Cumberland Island National Park.

More to come……. Bch bum vagabon jon
The evening of 24 Mar entered South Carolina and the plan was to spend time at 3 of the 4 ocean front state parks that SC had:
Hunting Island, Edisto Island and Huntington Island State Parks and also spend time exploring the Francis Marion NF where there are several wilderness camp spots I’ve been to in the past. But first had to visit Hilton Head where I spent time at Fish Haul County Park.

Then it was onto Hunting Island St Prk:
This park reminded me of old skool Northern Michigan parks frum when I was a kid before States started prettying their parks all up for wussy spoiled Murahkan yuppie puppies….

Nothing fancy really in terms of human amenities but lotsa raw wilderness built from the non human forces of Nature. Miles of great beach, few people and in the recent past a lot of hurricane rearrangement. Roads are like a maize as many were closed or completely obliterated from storms. Getting around took a lil exploration but it was fun!
I was going to stay just 1 day here but I enjoyed it sooo much I returned the next day for a repeat.
Edisto Island was similar to Hunting Island except there were gahzillions of shells wave strewn the length of the beach. I was tempted to also give this beach a 2nd visit but cooler weather was forecast and wanted to take advantage of that exploring Francis Marion NF.

At Francis Marion NF I found a couple nice camp spots spending a night at each. Primitive NF spots at their best. Trails in & out were somewhat rugged but hey that’s what ya want.
There was an adequate kayak launch about a mile from my 2nd spot near a forest trail bridge spanning the Santer River.

After my time in the forest drove to Huntington Island St Prk. There are 2 HUGE campgrounds in this place but to the north is an ocean beach parking lot that had little traffic while I was there. Then was time to drive to North Carolina.

Pix on the way
Above: this flat made me lmfao. Couldn’t believe no one’s stolen that stainless steel prop yet. :ROFLMAO:
Above: Fish Haul Park on Hilton Head
Below: vista from atop the truk at Hunting Island.

More on the way
Jonny boi
Above & below are shells I found while at Edisto Beach, SC. Gave most away but kept the really nice knobbed whelks.

Above pik are of 2 fossilized skull plates from Sea Robins that I found beach combing Hunting Island Beach, SC. Found them about 3 miles apart and at first thought they were shark teeth till I returned to the truk and put my reading glasses on. Hunting Island has a reputation for fossilized stuff being found there and 6 months earlier a woman found a large Megladon tooth on this very beach.

Look forward to returning to SC’s Atlantic Ocean state parks. Yes I do.
Above one of my camp spots at Francis Marion NF. Even had a kampfire. Ok I used some rubbing alcohol to start it. 😎
Above: the kayak launch I used.
My time in the NF wilderness was a nice change of pace as sometimes I get beached out.
intjonny boi luzsha baybee
31 March entered North Carolina and spent a day at the beach on Oak Island. From there I bounced along the coast toward Croatan National Forest.
I’ve wanted to check this NF out for awhile and this was thee time! Yep. Found several camp places I liked on the western side- acceptable & accessible.
Then headed toward Catfish Lake in about the center of the NF and let me tell ya…… the rugged trail into this lake was about as nasty & mean as any I’ve been on. This trail looked like a scaled down version of the moons surface with big deep potholes everywhere for 12 miles. Took me almost an hour to travel those 12 miles. Rough driving.
Spent a day checking out the eastern side and found some nice spots here and logged them for future reference; including Neuse Forest Park.
Spent several days at Goose Creek St Park as well as time on the waterfront in Washington, NC.
On April 6 I arrived at my daughter’s home for a couple days whom I hadn’t seen much of in the last 18 months.
Then I left North Carolina and arrived back at Kamp Koon in Michigan on April 11 where this all started some 6 months previous……..
Pix to come
Jonny boi luzsha
Above: my truk top perch at Oak Island beach.
Below: at Neuse Forest Park.

Above: nice spot on Pamlico River near Hoboken.
Jonny luzsha
Above:Beautiful morning at Goose Creek St Park
Above: being greeted by one of the natives.
Parking spot view at Goose Creek St Park, NC
Vagabon jonny
Above: relaxing at the Washington, NC waterfront.
Washington, NC; enjoyIng a waterfront sunset.
jonny boi luzsha
Back at Kamp Koon where it all began 6 months ago……..
Where the first order of business is gathering logs from the State Forest…….
Cutting, splitting & stacking
And chillin by a beautiful kampfire.
Don’t know about you, but it’s an absolutely great beautiful life that I live!!
Bch Bum Vagabon Jonny Boi luzsha
baybee alway have alway will

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