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Jan 3, 2023
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I've been living FT for a year in a Honda Odyssey XL. I'm a 68 yr old female. I stationary park overnights on a friend's property and work at a location near that.
My long-term goal is to buy land and park either a converted cargo trailer or storage shed to live in off grid as my permanent home.
Living in the Odyssey is teaching me a lot about what's really necessary to living a quality life and how to be creative in getting the desired outcome.
Sounds like a plan. What part of the US are you looking for land? Campervankevin on youtube has some leads in Arizona on land. He lived on the road full time for many years and now still travels but has land and a tiny house, too. Might want to check out the video on his youtube. All the best to you from me in N.E. Ohio. Here is the link: The land is in Concho, Az.
Welcome and good luck! If you can truly live off grid and deal with cold weather with minimal water usage there are several possible pieces of land available. Utilities are the big costs in my opinion. Seems like in the Southeast Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas there are still 1 acre lots around reasonably priced but water on the property and other utilities push the prices beyond most peoples price range. Incredible Tiny Homes is offering $200 a month lot rent for 2 years with the purchase of one of their tiny homes at a beginning price of $20,000. If you can stand living in a close community with possibly one being developed in Nevada it might be something to consider.