Heating AND cooling...in one 'box'?

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If you have the money, a mini mini split is probably the best way to cool with the benefit of heating as well. Needs lots of battery and solar.

I have a portable air conditioner that also does heat. Works well. But I use it for cooling only. Not efficient for traveling.

I think if you find a good cooling solution, finding a way to heat things is fairly simple. The diesel heaters seem like a great solution for those with space.
I think the advantage of a mini heat pump is that you can make your own 'fuel'...no propane, or stinky diesel needed. For a small space (van) along with adequate solar + battery this might work well for boon docking...IF you can keep a flexible schedule. For cloudy/low sun days, plan a trip to town...this would allow you to recharge batteries (via alternator) ..or have a 'spa day' or two (commercial campground with power & showers).