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Mayo works really good; it's mostly vegetable oil or olive oil. As for me... I like mine with sour dough bread, real butter on both sides, and some Tillimook cheddar cheese. Mmmm! My wife makes the best tomato soup, but occasionally we get some from Panera. Costco has some pretty good pre-made tomato soup too. Great on those chilly days!
one of the most interesting pizzas I've ever had was pulled pork with onions and green peppers. :)
Stumbled across it at a HyVee in Iowa (pork capital of America). I have porn, if you're interested.
My very first experiment with using yeast was an attempt to recreate it. I have not yet quite nailed it, mainly due to lack of ingredients, but I'm getting close. :)

When I'm stressed, I find hacking food is therapeutic, plus, it produces Tastee Food! :)
Thanks y'all for sharing - this qualifies as Group Therapy, right? :)
Made chocolate chip cookies today, and ran out of time for bread. Will make some Saturday.

have you seen the new Panera commercial with tomato soup?!? Shiny, eh? :D
Kaylee said:
I have porn, if you're interested.

Um, if that's not a typo, then, okay, sure. 

If it IS a typo, then, okay, sure.
Pulled Pork pizza porn for MrNoodly:

It was a take-and-bake, but I politely asked their deli crew if they'd bake it, and they did. :)

P.S. Yes, I like alliteration . ;)
I have moar... ;)
though I think that warrants its own thread.
Brian and I have been discussing pizza for a while, and I've evaluated several prepper pizza products, with prodigious porn.

First, I have to post the shelf stable cheese thread. :)
Food exists
Food definitely exists
Especially cheesy gooey food

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lenny flank said:
Rule 34 -- "If it exists, there's porn of it".
Lenny & Angie:
In my current case, where I had several sealed/un-opened varieties, does Schrodinger's Cat apply?!?
Thanks to the breakdown, then my mistake forgetting to bring the open cheese to the motel, I finally checked the Cat/cans... and then there was porn! ;)

Finally got around to finalizing the pics & posting the "cheese, shelf stable (no fridge)" thread:
Most folk here have probably seen it, so mostly posted for future searchers. :)

It includes pictures of my most recent, from scratch pulled pork pizza.
One unexpected (or merely forgotten) realization: the best regular price of freeze dried cheese is competitive with non-sale grocery prices.

P.S. Saturday night, I baked my 2nd ever loaf of yeast bread. Used it for grilled cheese with bacon, and just regular toast with butter-from-powder. :)
The key to butter powder is to aim for a "whipped" consistency, not the utterly im-possible pretty picture on the product label.
I like to use a quality potato or buttermilk bread to fabricate a toasted cheese on.  

The cheese is most important.  I like to use extra sharp cheddar for mine but am known to
use more than one type of cheese. 

The dressing is a mayo with a bit of prepared yellow mustard and a teaspoon of the juice from a
jar of green olives.  A shake of Season-All adds to that and all is stirred well.

The outside of bread is covered with margarine and all is sealed up in foil.  This then hits the grill,
but I've been known to turn an electric Iron (for ironing clothing) upside down if it's raining outside.
Gotta love shore power on a rainy day.   

Now if I have them,  I may add alfalfa sprouts before grilling. 

I only grill these enough to warm the cheese until pliable......not melted.
Sounds yum! Do you have picture(s)? Please. :)

Where does the "dressing" go, and when do you add it?

Please feel free to contribute your Cheese Savviness to the shelf stable cheese thread.
Non-Wisconsites are welcome. :)

P.S. It's another cold night here in northern WI, and I'm out of deli-American-cheese, so I made a grilled cheese (provolone) sandwich and heated up some 3-year-old canned tomato soup. :)
LOL Kaylee

I'll have to make some and take some pictures when it rains for the next few days.

The cheese line up would be Sharp Cheddar, Munster, Provolone.  A thin slice of each.

The dressing can use any common bottled mayo.  But if I'm really pulling out all the stops I'll
make the mayo from scratch in the blender.  2 parts mayo to one part prepared mustard.
The juice from the olive jar is just a tea spoon full.  And a shake of Season-all. 

The bread is buttered lightly and laid butter side down on wax paper.  Three layers of cheese
one of each type are stacked.  Mayo dressing is applied liberally.  

If you have Alfalfa Sprouts,  sprinkle on a thin layer of them and then  place the slice of bread with
the dressing down over top of the sprouts.

I then set the sandwich on the grill with the sprouts on the top side so the heat will begin to melt the
cheese.  The timing will depend on your grill heat so peak with a spatula to see if it has browned.  Then flip
and toast the side with the sprouts.

As I mentioned potato bread or buttermilk bread are what I usually use..,,,,,but.....if you like that thick sliced  Texas Toast bread you can use it too.  

When I use a blender to make the mayo:

1 large or jumbo  slightly "coddled egg".  It will still be raw but steaming hot when you crack the shell and pour it out.
You heat the water just below boiling and don't cook the egg so long that it begins to harden.  This will kill any Salmonella should the egg contains any.  

3 Table Spoons of Cider Vinegar.

3/4 tsp of kosher salt. (or more to taste) 

1/2 tsp dry mustard

1 1/4 Cup of Oil.  I use Safflower Oil, but you could use Olive, Corn, or others.

Place the egg & spices in a blender or processor and spin to mix well.  Then turn on a higher speed and 
very slowly pour the oil into the middle of the spinning egg mixture.  The stream of oil should be quite thin.  Like a strand of cooked spaghetti.  Yes, that thin.  And once you start.....DON'T STOP......until all of the oil is poured in.  During this time the mixture will begin to turn white just at the end like mayo in a jar.

Whatever you do........don't pour the oil in TOO FAST because the mixture will collapse and ruin.  It is an amazing thing to watch when it sets up.  Kids will think it's magic.  

When done, turn off the blender and use a rubber spatula to turn your mayo out into a jar.  (keep in the fridge)

For the cheese sandwich dressing take 2 TB of this mayo and 1 TB prepared mustard and  one tsp of olive jar juice along with a shake of Season-all and mix well while allowing it to sit for awhile before using.  (or overnight in the fridge so the flavors can blend together)

While this is quite savory for my taste other people may want to experiment with other cheese stocks.  But a good quality bread will be most important in making this a delightful experience.   You can experiment with the sprouts,  but they do for the cheese sandwich what lettuce does for a burger.   Again.....experiment !  

I hope you enjoy this
In the words of (SF TV series) Firefly's Kaylee... Oh. Grandpa. :D

Pictures of as many steps as possible, please :)
There are a lot of Cheese Geeks here. :)

I just added "sprouts" to my shopping list, for when I get back from dispersed camping. :)

Since you're a more skilled cook than I, please feel free to make that "from scratch" mac & cheese recipe I posted in the other thread.
Yesterday and the day before, I made it with a mix of Cheddar, Monterey Jack, and Parmesan, plus the deli American cheese (purely for its emulsifier).
Four cheeses pumped it up even more than my previous tries.
I'd love to see what you would do with it. :)

Are you on shore power, sticks&bricks, or generator, that you can run a blender/etc?
Glad you like that Kaylee. can buy seeds to sprout too you know.  All you need is a glass Mason Jar or even an old cleaned Mayo jar with holes drilled into the lid for good ventilation.   You wet your seeds and place them in the jar in a cool dry place.  They will sprout and begin to grow.  (you don't have to pay big money at the store for already grown ones that won't keep long) 

The places that sell these seeds will probably have special plastic lids but you can buy a lot of seed for what those lids cost.  You can take your lid and with a nail and  hammer poke a few dozen holes in the lid and do the same thing.

Make sure everything is clean clean clean including your hands.   I sterilize mine with a little vinegar in water, and then a final rinse with clean water.

Put a scant teaspoon of seed into the jar and 1 cup of water.  Let this sit for a couple of hours and drain the water off.
Sit in a cool dark place.  Each day pour a cup of water in and rinse the seed/sprouting seeds and dump the water.  This should be done about three times a day.  In about three days you'll have sprouts and you can put these in the refrigerator.  But continue rinsing them as they may tend to mold if you don't.

There are many different seeds that can be used for sprouting.  Some won't smell much or have a whole lot of flavor.  Alfalfa is one of them....but they are good just the same.    Other seeds may smell your place up a bit but will be more flavorful.  

This is just a bit about sprouting seeds.    Later I'll post more on the Mac & Cheese you are asking about and my own recipe.  I cook mine in a cast iron 12 inch Camp Dutch Oven quite often. (these utensils have legs under them and a rim on the lid so that they can sit in hot embers and have hot coals placed on the lid to simulate an oven)  And I do have pictures of this.  (same for escalloped potatoes)
Thanks eDJ_!
Actually, sprouting seeds is on my canonical list for 2nd phase of full-time van dwelling. :)
I'm still early-ish in my 6-12 months 1st phase (aka "proof of concept" / survival mode). :)

Please do post pics of grilled cheese, potatoes (feel free to post those to the potatoes thead), and your sprouting gear, especially if your gear is homebrew. :)
Feel free to do the sprouting in a new thread, if you find it's worth it, though a sneak peak here would be very welcome. :)

Bread: Most of the time, I use hardy whole grain (e.g. Aldi house brand is inexpensive & mostly healthy).
Occasionally (couple of times each year) I'll buy Walmart's bakery $1 sliced Italian w/sesame, which is when I make the decadent stuff. ;)

MrNoodly & Doubleone:
Over the last month, I've been hoarding McD's, Walmart, and gas station mayo packets, and during that period have many times made grilled cheese using just it on the outside.
Thanks for the fantastic, Decadent Minimalist tip! :D

Maki: That sounds delicious! I've added Swiss cheese to my list of ingredients to keep an eye out for. In the Midwest, small town grocery stores often have cheese sales, which is how I wound up with packs of provolone, and cheddar+MontereyJack. I'm kicking myself that I didn't buy some Swiss at the last sale!
Do you think SPAM would be an adequate substitute for ham?

It will probably be 2-4 weeks before I'm next at a grocery store, so I welcome related ingredient suggestions. :)

P.S. Angie: got snow?!? I'm back in northern WI (after an away mission to Mark Twain NF), and "your" storm just missed us. I hope you're well, warm, and enjoying a cold weather treat. :)

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