Gathering ideas for my dream moto van!

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Welcome! Someone from Arkansas might question that name! Lol!!!
Hey Brent,

I'm in the same situation as you. Don't own a van yet but looking at my options. I would be a weekender for now bout would want the freedom to have a van I could live in.
Greetings :) Sounds like you have a Van now. If so what type is it ? And what kind of traveling are you thinking about doing in it ?
Noticed this article in MS Bing by Gear Junkie, and thought of this thread.

3 Day $1000 dollar Campervan Build

I'm sure it could be done for less depending on one's resourcefulness and scrounging skills. Still, it may be wise to try and build something that wouldn't arouse negative attention from other people or law enforcement. In the sticks and bricks, you have the advantage of a neighborhood or greater community where you are known by others. While traveling on your own in a rig, that may not be available to a full-time nomad who is houseless. (where you may not be able to point to a community you come from or will return to)

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