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Jan 27, 2015
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Rhode Island
I've got 5 android devices running Perk TV at all times, which essentially rewards you with points for each video (advertisement) viewed. You just select a category, click the first video in the list, and it'll continue on to the next video on its own. You just have to close the notification that pops up every 2-3 hours that asks if you're still watching. When I first joined, each video was 4 points, and I was able to make $3-4/day, but lately they've been paying 1-4 each. At the very least, you'll make $30/mo in Amazon gift cards (or whatever gift card you choose). Might be a good way to treat yourself to eating out now and again. They're delivered digitally so you could print them out if you wanted to take them into a physical location. 5000 points is worth $5, unless you're opting to cash out for Paypal, which starts at 15000 points for $10. I picked up a few Kyocera Event phones for ~$15 a piece. They pay for themselves in a month or two then it's all profit. If you've got unlimited data, I recommend giving it a try.

If you want to add a 6th device, you can run Swagbucks as well. 450 points there is a $5 gift card. Right now I think they limit you to around 75 points per day. I like to run one of my 5 phones on Swagbucks until I hit the daily cap, then switch it over to Perk.
I run Swag Bucks on my PC when I have free time, combined with Bing rewards I can easily get $25 transferred to my paypal once a month. I haven't found a limit on ho many points you can get per day on the desktop browser version, but you have to manually click on a new video every 30 seconds, 10 videos = 3 points, 100 points is $1. It's not much you get for your time if you just sit there waiting but if you're browsing the web it takes a mere second to switch tabs and click.
I need to download the Swag Bucks TV app again on one of my spare phones.

Thanks for the heads up on Perk TV