Emissions testing in Nevada, outside metro areas

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Jan 7, 2018
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Can a van without a catalytic converter be registered in Nevada OUTSIDE the metro areas? The cat was stolen a couple months ago. I was planning to travel all over in this van but now the tags are about to expire. I've been living in an area where cat theft is really frequent. I was planning to esblish reidence in Pahrump or some other area of NV outside a metro area since I will be traveling and pretty much avoiding large cities.

I looked up the following information and it seems like the answer is yes, but am looking for actual experiences especially since this info is from January 2017.

"The only areas in Nevada that require vehicle emission testing are the Las Vegas and Reno
"metro" areas. Specifically Reno and Sparks in the North, and Las Vegas, North Las Vegas,
Henderson and Boulder City in the South.

If you do not live in one of those cities, you will not need to do any emissions inspections.
Jan 10, 2017"

Thanks in advance!
Use google maps, pick a town you might want to register your vehicle in. Then search for the closest DMV office. The google maps result will tell you the phone number associated with that closest DMV location. Then call the phone number and ask your question. It is better to get such answers from the clerks in that office who daily issue licenses instead of seeking public opinions in forums where the answers may or may not be accurate and fact based.

Google maps is a very valuable resource for strangers in a strange land. When I get ready to do two week or longer stay in a particular area I take the time to make a google map folder with the stops in the town(s) I need such as grocery, hardware, laundromat, post office, library etc. Pick a handy small town for a home base that has the kind of resources you need in case you need to hang around to establish residency.
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Thanks, well that's true. I was hoping to get anecdotal evidence from someone who's done it, especially recently, but your suggestion makes sense. Thanks again. :)
I have resided in Nye County since November 2015, and I have never had any sort of emission inspection on my vehicles.

Metro Las Vegas (Clark County) and Reno-Sparks (Washoe County) are where 60-80% of Nevada lives. That's where they need to watch emissions.