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This feels so hard to talk about but I keep hitting road-blocks, in my mind, because I am a woman alone. I do fine living in an apartment where all the major maintenance is done by hired men. I'm sure there are maintenance women out there as well. I want the skills to build my own Camper, to maintain my vehicles engine, and all the other maintenance on a vehicle. I feel helpless about becoming a Nomad, but I know you gals are out there doing it. Maybe it's about over-coming fears, and maybe it's "I'm not cut out for this". It's extra scary to think of "having" to live as a nomad. I guess if I had to I could do it, but honestly, I don't even know if I could then. Just be a bag-lady, and I'm not that far from it if I look around the world and see the changes taking place.

I know I need to talk to other women, but it's hard to make new friends. All my close friends are far away in compatibility from me. They have families, grand-kids, great-grand-kids, husbands, still employed, busy! I call them and keep in touch but we have nothing in common anymore.

I don't know, I'm seeing what comes of someone that didn't take life serious enough. All I ever wanted to do was find "Mr. Right" and all I did was look for perfection, the Fairy Tale, after the honeymoon it was like "hell with this" and move on. I'm 68 now and being forced to slow down by age. I think I'll somehow escape reality by living "out there" but I didn't work long and hard enough to have the income to have what I feel I need.

I just hate feeling like this is just the end of the road. Living around, and becoming one of those that are sitting in front of a tv waiting to die.

I'm sorry to rant and barf out all my stuff here but I don't have another place I feel I can be honest. I pray I don't bring anyone else down. I'm crying now and sometimes I do feel better if I can let it all out honestly. Denise PS I guess men can read this even though it's a womens "board" but I don't care. I just know men think/feel different than women (me anyway).
Just do it. Get up buy a van and put a bed in it!! The rest will fall into place. Do your research and homework. You'll learn along the way too. If you don't do it youll be mad at yourself for not Al least trying. I don't know about you but I have started over many times. If you don't like it. Change it. But for me I'm hooked and can't wait to go!! Oh and we don't need no stinkin men. Lol jk.

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