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Dec 26, 2014
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I bought a tablet with WiFi + cellular, so I went shopping for a carrier. I have Verizon for my phone, so to enhance my coverage, I wanted to go with another carrier. Since I’m primarily in the western states, there are virtually only two carriers: T-Mobile or AT&T (including resellers). I wanted to like T-Mobile, but comparing coverage maps, there are more gaps with T-Mobile than with AT&T. Verizon is king, but there are significant Verizon coverage gaps that AT&T fills. (I’m thinking about the I5 corridor, particularly in the PNW. It’s been like this for years. Wonder why? But, never mind; that’s a different topic.) I chose to go with another carrier, for better or worse, until I decide otherwise.
I was leaning towards AT&T, but I had to go shopping. If unlimited data is $100 per month, I will be looking at T-Mobile or just sticking with Verizon. I had no idea what to expect. I was very surprised to be quoted $20/month for unlimited data at AT&T.
Ok. I don’t want that. You’re going to throttle me after 10GB, right? [No throttling.] Oh. I’m sorry you can’t say “throttling” when it’s an Unlimited Plan. Do you de-prioritize at the individual cell tower, based upon an individual’s data usage in the current billing period? [No. It’s unlimited.] He went on to explain that the hotspot is limited to 10GB, and the hotspot is throttled once 10GB is exceeded. (My Verizon Unlimited has a similar hotspot limit, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten close to the limit.) Unlimited data on the device is my priority, so I took the plan.
It’s called simply Unlimited Tablet. I got my first bill. There is a onetime activation fee of $30, so it seems as though I should expect a monthly bill of around $26 (see attachment). That doesn’t seem right. Phones have a line charge and additional fees and taxes. Why? You have to have a phone, but you don’t have to have a tablet. They have you.
Regarding service, I’ve been mostly satisfied. I have not had one pause, in 10 days of hard usage. However, I drove to a different location and had trouble connecting to two of my three streaming services (it also affected YouTube). I was able to do Speedtest while this was happening with dazzling 5g speeds. I remembered a review about this plan. It said they had turned off Stream Saver in the My AT&T app. I did that and rebooted. Problem solved. This is not to say that Stream Saver was the cause. Of course, this “solution” means that 4K videos will play without being down converted to 1080p. If you don’t have bandwidth, there’ll be pauses. When the need arises, I’ll turn Stream Saver on. I really enjoy 4K video!
So, why do this? I was tired of downloading movies at Starbucks. And, it seems as though the downloads take longer there. Even if download and upload speeds are fast, actual downloads of movies seems to have a consistent slowness now. I don’t think it’s an accident. There’s probably only one pipe out to the internet to be shared by the business and customers. Deprioritizing the customers makes sense. It’s a guess. I don’t know. One thing that’s hard to dodge is software updates. Those take up to an hour now….but I digress.
I’m interested in how people on this forum are getting content from the internet. Buying a tablet with a cellular radio adds about $200 to its price. Then there’s the plan—a cheap plan compared to one for a phone—which adds up. So, my way might be considered (unnecessarily) expensive. What’s the best way to get content? MiFi? Starlink? Xfinity hotspot? Starbucks/McDonald’s/Walmart/etc. WiFi? Public Library WiFi? RV park WiFi? ???


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I have an AT&T ZTE MF923 hotspot and the Att 100gigs at $55 @ month prepaid Hotspot /tablet plan.
Do a little more shopping, you can get a cellular tablet for under $200.00. Just be sure it works with the cell phone service you subscribe to. Some do, some don't, depends on age and compatibilty. Don't buy until you verify with your service provider that it is compatible.

I have Verizon, phone and tablet too. My tablet is a aging out, can no longer be upgraded for the OS and every month more of the apps can no longer be updated to remain compatible.

I am seeing plenty of replacements on Amazon under $200 that have much better specs than my current tablet has. My brother will be giving me an Amazon gift certificate later this spring so I will wait for that sweet bonus to help offset the cost.
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I use TracFone for voice & texting only ($11-13 a month) & I use a Verizon unlimited on an old MiFi that I bought off eBay for $20 through PagePlus for $51-52 month ( SIM card was only 20ish, I believe)
Let me know if you have any questions
(They've throttled me one time because I used over 200gb in a month)
I bought a tablet with WiFi + cellular...T-Mobile than with AT&T...$20/month for unlimited data at AT& have to have a phone...a tablet with a cellular radio adds about $200 to its price... ???

Does AT&T own T-Mobile and Cricket?
Do all the umbrella companies share towers?
Manufacturer of your tablet, model number, please.
AT&T owns Cricket. It does not own T-Mobile. T-Mo took over Sprint and all of their assets/customers.

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