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    Preparing for the worst and the best

    As long as he wasn't swimming with cement overshoes....
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    Nature Lover and friends keep in touch

    NL: You are rich in humor, writing and phoography skills. We are blessed that you share those with us.
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    Huge insurance rate increase with Geico in MN

    One of my co-workers says she has to change car ins. companies every 2 to 3 years due to unexplained rate hikes. She cycles back to a previous one that is now lower than her current insurer.
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    Nature Lover and friends keep in touch

    Welcome back, are loved and missed. Thanks for the great pics and manatee stories. Heck, yeah, glad you applied for the van. Seek and you shall find; ask and you shall receive; knock and the door shall be opened to you....apply or you shall never know what might have been.
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    Huge insurance rate increase with Geico in MN

    They did that 40% rate hike to my RAV 4 at the start of the pandemic. I could not get any explanation. Oh, and did I mention I am a GEICO employee?!! Now insured with State Farm.
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    NF is on my bucket list, so I am grateful for your pics. Did you stay at campgrounds and how much did the ferry ride cost?
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    Preparing for the worst and the best

    Welcome, NiferFo: Baby steps are the way to go. Your current vehicle will suffice for practice runs in your local area. You can get a lot of experience before taking the final plunge. In this heat, I suggest practicing late at night or at dawn. Just go park somewhere safe and follow the same...
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    How practical is Florida in the summer?

    FL in summer is suicide. That said, I've survived 70 of them. If possible, flee north in spring and return in November.
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    very thin cotton

    Look in thrift shops for summer cotton pajamas. We used to wear those over our bathing suits in the Florida Keys to prevent sunburn...or at least slow it down some.
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    Greetings and a first question

    I use gallon containers with screw tight lids to hold ice in my cooler. When the ice melts, I pour the water into a water jug for washing (dishes, clothes, me) and refill the ice jug with new ice. Never have loose water sloshing about in the cooler this way and the food never gets wet.
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    Libraries are a wonderful way to spend a rainy day. Many have DVDs you can use there on your laptop (with earphones, of course).
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    MN DIYer

    Welcome to the forum, Esom: I am sure there will be lots of answers to your will have to pick and choose which best suit your situation. Happy Trails to you!
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    Contact lens

    Dates don't matter so much if the issue is still occuring....newer posts might have newer solutions. I would suggest a "finger bowl" as a sink and just washing the finger tips.
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    How do you do?

    Ha! Canada gas pices are high...and sold by the liter...Newfoundland is way, way to the north. I am also in FL and find elevation for cooler climate in the Smokry Mts. and plenty tp see along the way.
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    Japanese Electric Lunchbox

    Those layers remind me of an old fashioned, non-electric gadget. It was a pot with the top 2 layers being round bamboo-basket inserts with the lid on top: rice in the bottom, then veggies, then fish or chicken on top, all cooked on the stove top. The steam from the rice cooked the upper layers.