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Sep 13, 2018
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The Arizona Renaissance Festival had job openings on weekends that start February 4th thru April 2nd. The location is on the eastern outskirts of the Phoenix Metro cluster of towns. All kinds of positions open. Most do not require dressing in costume but some do.

Might be just the right work part time work after leaving Quartzsite January activities.
I don't know why,but everytime I post the site throws me off.
Welcome to the club, I had to start all over with a new account! bullfrog became bullfrog ! I wonder how many times I can be reborn! Lol!!!
trying to hire someone to work 3 hrs a day for pay and a full hookup.Guess I'll get thrown off the forum again.
Pay is $10 hr and must like sitting by the fire and drinking beer.This will probably never be seen and I will be ejected again.Oh well.
^^^people you know you like to play at being a “bad boy” 🤪