DIY: How to make your own 12V Fridge

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The Engel fridges were designed in Australia and made in Japan but also sold suitable for use in the USA and other countries. There are other brands of

There is definitely is such a thing as a 220v (240v) RV hookup, but not in the USA. You just need to go to Europe, Australia and Asia to find them. My Engel fridge has the built in circuitry to run on both the USA standard 110v electrical as well as the 220v elsewhere. I would just need the right power cords if I ever wanted to ship my travel trailer to one of those countries.
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Yep it would be nice if we lived in a perfect world! Lol!!! The newer motor home owner’s get really upset when their dryers don’t work or their central heat and AC units “brown out” but what do you expect for $68 a night in a lot on generator power that your clock needs to be reset every few day if your fancy surge protector lasts! Lol!!! I’ve had to put a lock on my pedestal to prevent the adjoining site from plugging into the open 30 amp plug because their pedestal didn’t work! It’s the “Wild West” out here! RV parks with wiring this way are just like the older houses that still have or are still wired for 2 prong plugs. It pays to check before you plug in, just saying! Sorry for the side track but the reason to have a DIY 12 volt fridge is because of these issues in many cases. This is an older thread that has been revived and 12 volt compressor fridges are more available and inverters are available with built in features that make them a better solution than the DIY I believe.
Good info abt putting a lock on the pedestal !