Black Water Tank Emptying Service?

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Jun 6, 2016
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I am thinking of staying in a travel trailer at someone's house for a while. They have all hookups except for black water. There are some complications with moving the trailer often. Does anyone know of services that come to you and empty your black water tank?
Depends on your location. Septic tank services ("honey dippers") will often do this. A friend of mine uses a sewer tote, leaves it in his truck bed. He dumps into that, takes it to a nearby municipal dump station.

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yep some of the Honey trucks will do, but a portable tank is much cheaper in the long run. highdesertranger
Composting toilet is a better way.

Should be called separating / dessication toilet. No odors if installed and used properly, whole setup is very light weight.

Solids output no more offensive than coffee grounds, bag & dispose of in a trash can.

Single person, empty every 2-3 weeks maybe monthly, depends on diet. Urine just pour down a toilet of course. Or elsewhere, in line with your ethics and common sense.

Or if in a gardening context, actually compost it, get the Humanure book.
When I was still planning on staying in a medium-ish college town in northern Minnesota I called 2 local businesses that service porta-potties. Both said that for a monthly fee ($30-$45) they have a truck that will come out and pump your RV black tank twice a month when they are in your area. That seemed like a steal to me, esp considering what a PITA it would be to reposition the trailer every two weeks just to empty the tank.

They even said that they do a lot of this type of business seasonally on landings by larger lakes. The truck comes out to the landing and either pumps the tanks of icehouses that people move to the landing for that purpose, or the fishermen use a portable tank and just bring it to the truck (saving them time from having to take it into town to dump it).

This is by no means a common thing for most lakes. I'd say most icehouses don't even have a built in toilet. They use a lugable loo type setup for their bathroom needs.


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Get a twist-on Macerator pump and a long garden hose, Pump to the clean-out or to a toilet through the window.
What is "a cleanout" in this context?

If going into the S&B septic field, wouldn't the chemicals potentially interfere?

I know in that situation I would not want to cause my hosts **any** concern about these issues, in fact would not even want them to be aware of my solution unless they felt like asking.
John61CT said:
What is "a cleanout" in this context?

If going into the S&B septic field, wouldn't the chemicals potentially interfere?

A cleanout is at the side of a house (normally) and is used to clean out the sewage line if it becomes clogged without digging up the yard to do it.  These look exactly like what you will find in every RV park for dumping.

RV chemicals will do no harm to a septic system.
Just make sure it is not a storm drain and is in fact sewage. Don't want that stuff running down the street!
Funny story the contractor that built the RV park used 4 inch sewer pipe with a concrete cap to allow water turn off valves below the frost line to be accessed. Can't tell you the number of times a newbe RVer to the park called to report a stopped up sewer line and was mistakenly trying to dump his 50 gallon tank in a 5 gallon hole.
a few options would be the honey wagon and call and find one to service you. Blue tote and macerator pump. Put tote on back of truck and fill and take to any dump station in the area. Blue tote into their septic on the property if that is easily accessible.

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