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Feb 6, 2011
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[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] There are some big changes this year.

[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] We're going to be very close to the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] old location and you can still camp in[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] the old location and walk to the new[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] location. That's a good thing. The bad [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]thing in that the new location is no[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]-camping and what that means is [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]that you can't get there[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] early. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]I got[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] a permit that means it's assigned to me[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] in this no camping area for the dates of[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] 9th through the 20th so if you go there[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] on the 8th and you camp there you're[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] camping on no-camping land and you're[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] breaking law. They can come and ticket[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] you and force you to leave.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]There will be volunteers camping there[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif].With all big events the BLM gives us[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] extra time before and after to go and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] camp and set up and so the way they[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] explain it is the people that we[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] designate as volunteers can[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] be there early and be there late so the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] danger is you'll see them there and you[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] think well they're camping there [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]. We have a permit to[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] be on no-camping land for those people[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
for that length of time and for the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] general population only through the 9th.

[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Now an announcement number two is[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] that the rules are going to be different[/font].
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]The RTR does not have any kind of dues, no fees[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif], no registration except a permit[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] and it's free but there will be[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] different set of rules basically the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] exact same rules that apply to a[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] campground will apply to the RTR [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif].[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] It's a[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] campground essentially under the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] rules of a campground and the rules are[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] quiet times at 10 o'clock at night[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] to either six or eight in the morning.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]The way the BLM[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] put it to us there will not be a[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]discussion. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Enforcement will be up to them[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] and it will have nothing to do with me. I[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] have no enforcement powers. We will call[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] them and they will do the enforcement[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]. So that's the big thing. [/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Just generally all the rules will be[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] stricter especially noise rules. We'll[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] have music camp again. You will be out at[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] music camp and it will be the same thing.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] There are quiet hours or 10:00 to 8:00.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Again we don't care if you play your[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] music we don't care if you run your[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] generator.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] You just can't bother other people[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif].That's really all we're asking in any[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]way shape or form is just be kind and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] considerate to each other.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]

Okay the next thing is the BLM has let[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] us known there will be pretty strict[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] enforcement of marijuana rules. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]A lot of states have made[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] marijuana legal or if you have a medical[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] marijuana card it's legal in[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] your state to have it with you[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]r possession.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] But it's illegal on federal land and we will[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] be on federal land and the BLM has made[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] it really clear to us that they will be[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] enforcing marijuana rules.

[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Another big change this year [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]is we are [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]issuing the permits. They want a much[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] closer knowledge of how many people are[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] there. They want to know that and the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] best way to do that is for us to issue [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]the permits. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]BLM rarely requires permits but all of[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Quartzsite does because it's so busy.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Usually it's a really busy area. They say[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] "We have to control this. We need to[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] know where how many people are there and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
how much money we need to get for[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] enforcement."[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]We will[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] have a booth set up right at the RTR and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
you'll go to the booth and [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]one of our volunteers[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] will fill out the form and give you the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] permit.
I'll have another video[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] coming out very soon when we drive out[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] there and go into more detail.

 Okay let's[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] talk about pets again as always in this[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] area in this area the BLM pets must be[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] on a leash you must pick up your dog's poop.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]

This year again there will be[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] porta-potties we will increase the [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]number because there will be more[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
of us. We'll have[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] dumpsters just like last year. We're[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] asking that you minimize your use of the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
dumpsters and the porta-potties. If you[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] have a rig with[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] holding tanks, black tanks please use[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] your rig and take it away. These things[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] are very expensive[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]. We will spend $10,000 this year on[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] porta-potties and so we're asking that[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] you minimize your use. We will take[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] donations. Believe me $10,000 is a lot to[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
come out of my pocket. We had a surplus of $500 after all of our[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] costs were taken into account, signs and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] all kinds of things. It just went into this[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] year and with a little luck we'll have a[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] surplus again this year if not I'll just[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] pay it myself.

[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]We're looking[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] at the map [/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]here.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]This is Quartzsite. So you can see that[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Interstate 10 runs[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] here and there are two exits into[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Quartzsite. One is here at the Loves[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] truck stop. That's exit 17 and one is[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] here at exit 19. I do not recommend exit[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] 17 because the traffic on 17 going into[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Loves is much much worse.
 I[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] recommend that you get off over here at[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] exit 19.[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] This is Kuhn Road and there's a light[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] here and you'll turn down Kuhn Road.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] This is our frontage[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] road and it is really really terrible[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] paved road. It's worse than the [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]dirt roads and with my van[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] the faster I drive the better. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Most people are gonna crawl around long at[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] five miles an hour. Sometimes your van has good[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] suspension and you just ride over it the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] faster you go. You'll be right[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] beside the freeway when we shoot the the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] driving video you'll see it. [/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Actually wrong (on the map) this is not dome Rock [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Road this is Kuhn and there's a[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] barricade here and you must stop and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] turn up Mitchell Mine Road.[/font] [font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Go up and [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]this is where the old RTR was[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] and this is where the new RTR is.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] You see they're very close.You can[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] easily walk from one to the other. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Some of[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] the washes are steep but if you just go[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] out to the road and walk over there it's[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] very very easy and also what we're going[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] to do this year is you'll probably[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] end up driving because  we're[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] not all going to fit in this area .You're[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] going to be parking further out and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] you'll be driving and we will leave[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] parking areas so that you can drive in.


[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Here has always been the Escapees. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]They were there[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] long before we started the RTR here [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]so I want us to[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] respect the Escapees and not camp in[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] this area. You see where I'm circling[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] north of the road. You'll see the road[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] and not camp there. It's their spot. They want[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] to run their generators there. That's up to them.


[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]What else do I have to say?  Here this[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] this is going to be the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] main entrance.It will be this side here.[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
They had to come in with a bulldozer and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] actually enlarged it for us. It's still[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] going to be kind of hard if you have a[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] big rig you might be better off camping[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] in the fourteen-day area. [/font]

[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]In music camp this year you are[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] welcome to play your music just so long[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] as not everyone around can hear it. W[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]hat you doing the privacy your home[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] is no one's business but yours. In your[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] campsite it extends out then it becomes[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] everyone's business so that's very[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] important that everyone realize that.

[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]We're creating a little city here and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] one of the things we're going to do is[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] put in roads and street names so you can[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] identify where you are[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]. We went and had a discussion[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] with a Quartzsite police and with the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
law enforcement officers at the BLM and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] they want to be able to get emergency[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] access in if someone has a heart[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] attack and needs an ambulance. We need to[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] be able to get them in so we're going to[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
assign orderly parking and camping and[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] that's really important. Again that will[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] only be here at the [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]new RTR site. It won't be at the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] old RTR site because we have nothing -[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] no control, authority or say about[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
that whatsoever. What you do over there[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] will be up to you.

Okay again let me[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] emphasize the rule from last year. There[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] will be no commercial activity. You can't[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
 sell things. You can't[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] do business. Everything has to be on a[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] volunteer and a free basis. If it's a[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] commercial activity it requires a permit[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] and I'm sure it's way too late for me to[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] get a permit at this late date so no[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] permit no commercial activity - major rule.

[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]Also finally let me say come be prepared[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] for weather of any kind. [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] It could be surprisingly cold so[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
come be prepared for cold and for rain[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]. It'll probably great weather. Generally[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] we have great weather  but be[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] prepared for anything[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif].

There is shopping in Quartzsite. Quartzsite[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] gets really busy this time of the year[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]. Come fully stocked up. Nearest shopping is[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Walmart forty-five miles away at Parker[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] or [/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]eighty or ninety miles at Lake[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] Havasu or at Yuma. Blythe is to the west[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] at in California.[/font]

We will do another[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] video of the drive out there and we'll[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] have GPS and all kinds of things we'll[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
hopefully make it and we'll have more[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] maps, better maps, for that. That will be[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
coming up probably next Monday and so[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] that's just the way it works now.

,[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]I just hope you all come the[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif] RTR. It's gonna be great[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]. There's going to be plenty of camping in[/font][font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif]
the RTR site and plenty of camping[/font]
[font=Roboto,Arial,sans-serif][color= var(--yt-spec-text-primary)] outside-in 14-day land.[/font][/color]