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May 15, 2021
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Hello Bebewanna and welcome. Your brave to buy land sight unseen here as it is common to find people who you may not want to be neighbors with. TP is pretty rugged survivalist and the real nice 3-5th generation folks tend to be nice but small town gossipy types. All I can say as someone who arrived 25 yrs ago is to really use your instincts with who you make friends or foe with and allow to 'help you'. And yes this is the largest drought is 25 years, never seen so much dead sage-fire ready so given that I would seriously build with earth as I did adobe or hybridized earthship style and reduce fire fuel type structures since having water and or calling for help usually does not make it in time, especially now. Everything has changed hell I do no even know if we will see monsoons this year. Enjoy the peace and know there is less water, less food as in the rabbits are practically extinct, less wildflowers and cats out esp at dusk or dawn are fair game for Owls, Coyotes, Hawks, Eagles and roaming dogs. BUT YES YOU ARE FREE HERE !!
I sort of knew the history of this place and the area and expected some questionable characters. I am 30 years in backwoods,always 1 character that's difficult. I keep to myself and am not really outwardly friendly 😂.... Actually I am happy with the neighbors situation lol because they are staying away. I met one guy who seems OK.
I went to school for design. Am doing drawings for a small mud building. My concern with doing mud is the labor and needed water. I have bad asthma and wonder about it. I could have a wood cabin up in 2 weeks, I am good at those, but yes I am very fire concerned. Those dead sage are everywhere. I am piling them up.
There is the west rim water coop at the gorge, but they won't let you join on unimproved property.. How stupid.
But in the end that's the solution 7 cents a gallon.
I knew one thing about this place, the Govt is not bothering me and few places left that is the case. So, I don't expect it will be easy but at least I am not being harassed by forest idiots now.


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Jan 23, 2013
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New Mexico
In the middle of nowhere, it's cheap because there is no infrastructure or support. No livable dwelling. No water. No sewer. No electricity. No decent roads. Etc. There's a high probability it's cheap because someone bought it before you and they are selling it because they couldn't make a go of it.