Hello—intro and Troubleshooting request

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Sorry. I posted battery post cleaning before I read your whole post :)
That odd noise. It isn't a bad fan belt, is it?
ratfink56 said:
Great news! I got worried when you went silent.

I am very impressed with the way you handled the situation. Middle of nowhere and broke down. No hysterics, no drama, no frantic pleas for help. Just calm acceptance of your plight, a plan to hopefully fix it and the realization that it wasn't the end of the world.

 Please share more of your adventures. Hopefully all happier ones. Safe travels, Terry

Terry, thanks for your kind encouragement. :)
It does seem many of us find the ramblin life exactly because we want to enjoy life & approach problems as interesting challenges, ya know? (Clearly you do!) 

Will weigh in w/further adventures for certain. Good day & all best to you, too.