Favorite areas mid June-mid Sept?

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Jun 3, 2017
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I wanted to get a thread going about everyone's favorites areas to be mid June to mid Sept (not exact - but those general time frames).  Not necessisarily specific places you camp, but close to what area or towns?  Places that don't get too hot but are just right.  And not overrun with people.

Some areas I'm thinking to start off the discussion:
-deep in the green mnts of VT
-far northern ME
-CO...Creede, South Fork, Rabbit Ears, Leadville
-WY - snowy mnts.  Other places in WY?  A lot of WY is hot July/Aug
-MT (MT is hard because places like Whitefish are very crowded and a lot of the valleys in MT are too hot July/Aug)
-OR Coast central to southern (but probably crowded July/Aug?)
-Olympic peninsula WA  (but probably crowded July/Aug?)
-ID? (a lot of ID is too hot July/Aug)
-Northern MN? (too hot?)
-Upper Penin MI?
-NM too hot?
-Alpine AZ?

Forest fire smoke in summer can be an issue a lot in the Mountain West and can be very hard to escape without getting in a place.

What are your favorite areas?  Places you keep going back to?
The Eastern Sierras and the Redwoods is where I spend those months.

Boondocking near Mammoth Lakes and the eastern entrance to Yosemite is where I spend June and July, by mid August I head to the Redwoods (near Crescent City) and I stay there through the end of September.

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That sounds like a pretty good combination.  Sounds like you may make your way up that way from AZ in spring and back down in fall?
I do Arizona in winter and early spring.

For winter 2019 I’ll be in Quartzsite until the end of April, unless it gets too hot.

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