6'7", new to scene, and have some questions

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To live comfortably I'll offer this for you to consider. Some tall folks buy used Diesel powered School Buses when they are retired from service and elevate the roof. Having an enclosed place where you could do it may be the trick. (perhaps an Airport Hanger that isn't being used that much and there is room to rent for the conversion.)

This Pinterest page shows some conversions.

Raised Roof School Buses

I first saw these in a couple of Library Books titled "Rolling Homes' and "Roll Your Own".

Rolling Homes

Roll Your Own, the complete guide to living in a truck, bus, van, or camper

Roll Your Own

If you have a Library near by and a Library Card, you could ask and see if they could find these books for you on inter library loan.

If you shop around you may find one of these buses already built and usable. If it has high mileage and you can buy it at an affordable price, it may be worth swapping the engine and transmission with a lower mileage engine & transmission.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.
The OP posted twice in September of 2020 and hasnt been seen since, at least not with that screen name. I think we scared him off with our reality checks.

I hope he was able to find his solution.

In the meantime, maybe others who are extra tall will find this thread helpful.

...24 year old...remarkably minimalist...

  1. Are there any stock (would prefer no pop tops or DIY extensions) vans with interior heights of 6'7" or above that can fit into a regular parking space (a requirement for me)?...
  2. What is your opinion on the best bed...
  3. ...AC...Wall mounted or ceiling mounted? If you recommend against AC, why? And what alternatives?
  4. ...induction stove and electrical heater? Or just use a propane stove?

... without a fridge...
[as our esteemed colleague -- and the friendliest moderator in the known universe -- notes, the thread originator is long-gone.
I contribute to the subject, because I can't not...]
This allows you to tailor your rig to your needs.
We are founding members of the No! Holes! In! The! Roof! club.
Accordingly, your mini-split best be on the wall.
Long-time full-time live-aboard explorers EVERLANDERS offer a tour of their home-built ExpeditionVehicle, including discussing their mini-split:

Your 'best bed' will be discovered by using it a while, then experimenting with different configurations.
We cook outside, on our permanent porch or at the picnic-tables.
Most of the time, we use induction hot-plates.
We also use a Coleman two-burner propane stove... because tradition.
After learning about our hunter-gatherer ancestors -- and their substantial immunity -- we are experimenting with no fridge.
We are experimenting with room-temperature foods... and their natural accumulation of bacteria and fungus.
Our experiment is entering its fourth decade, and so far, so good.
Of course, we supplement with fermented vegetables and probiotics, plus prebiotics -- cassava, plantains -- to feed our gut biome.
The phrase 'remarkably minimalist' seems appropriate.
We have everything we need, we just need less of it.
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