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Mark Liven which I haven't heard since last year as it's a 3 hour show. I like the No Spin News with O'Reilly as he's more middle of the road & only 22 minutes on You Tube.
impromptu Don Williams concert starting with Tulsa Time
I bought the KIA Sportage in 2017 after my Honda Civic and my brain were wrecked in a rear end collision. It has a CD player. A burned a CD with 12 Grateful Dead songs on it. I'm still listing to it. When asked how I can listen to the same songs over and over again I tell people the sometimes I use the Random button. On the other hand, I recently splurged for satellite radio in the car and home. Of course I listen to the Grateful Dead. I seem to mostly listen to the CBC and BBC. I'm not familiar with Phish, but I find they are great background music when reading. Classic Vinyl gets some time to. I think I need to get 'So Many Roads" painted on the back of my car.

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