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Mar 21, 2023
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Is there a link to proof of the premium plan giving tower priority? Does it include roaming? I had not heard that before.
"Premium Network Experience
Get 50GB of premium data (emphasis mine) every month on 5G & 4G LTE. After 50GB, when the network is experiencing heavy traffic, your smartphone and hotspot data may be temporarily slowed." Copied and pasted from:
Also on that same page: "5G Ultra Wideband data is always unlimited premium data." In an interview with Visible's COO, he explained that Premium Data means you you get the same priority at busy towers as the non-prepay customers get, or words to that effect. I took this to mean that I will have the same experience as if I were a direct Verizon customer when I am using premium data. Maybe I am "assuming" too much? I just remember after seeing that interview that if I went with Visible I would get the Visible+ plan, which I now have. If you have information that this is not correct, please let me know. Thank you.
PS I found this at It explains Premium Data as:
"Put simply, premium data is an allotment of cellular data that receives higher priority on the network. This means when the network is busy, such as at crowded stadiums, sports games, concerts, airports, or during rush-hour traffic, customers with premium data will have faster speeds than customers who do not." does it work?,rural areas in the US."
"Q: What comes with roaming? How does it work?
Roaming doesn’t mean more cost, it means you have extended coverage. With Visible’s new and improved network, you’ll have expanded access to additional places including rural areas in the US."
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