Very scary and disturbing.

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Dec 4, 2016
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Thousands of people have and still are disappearing from National Forest. From young children to old people in their 80's who can't even walk. This is so extreme that an investigator wrote a book. Now a movie called - 411 Missing Hunter along with a TV series is being created. Even just hearing about these true stories on the radio gave me the creeps. Many strange disappearances, some bodies found but no explanation of death, and some clothing removed for no apparent reason. No blood found or a struggle of any kind.

This will be an awesome movie to go see, because of the eerie chills it will bring, but also it will be a very sad movie because of the devastated families this true story effects.  

Investigator tried to get a list of missing people from the National Forest Service and other Gov. officials but was turned down. They didn't want to scare the locals or damage their revenues. This is right up there with the movie Jaws literally scaring millions of people from entering the ocean.   

Don't go into the woods or you will disappear. Many families of the victims are devastated, these are true stories not made up. Some stories are soo freaked-out. From theories of portals opening up to beams of light swallowing them, alien abduction, one hunter photographed what looked like a semitransparent being. Something like from the movie predator. Some people disappeared within seconds without a sound. Professional trackers could not track. Dogs sent in but there was no scent to track. Some of the dogs would even turn back as if they were scared of something- WTH.

The National Observatory photographed a UFO disc going across the moons surface miles in size with a shadow below it and other photos from space, also the moon. A really fascinating story. This and many unexplained photos and events from around the world that keep adding to the puzzle that we may not be alone. Russia told the US they will be going to the moon to mine it. But some NASA official said that we are not allowed on the moon. Who is NASA referring to that said no one is allowed, is it aliens, why is no one still going to the moon after all these decades, the last two Apollo mission are still concealed in secret.   

Now let me tell you my story. This may sound crazy. How about finding an image of an alien fetus or test tube like alien fetus on the moon's surface. If you also look closer at it you can see what looks like a facial mask with a small tube coming out of it, also what looks like a umbilical cord with a light source at the end just above the stomach area. Well defined alien head with almond shaped eyes and the body with its long arms and fingers. Looks exactly like a gray that most people around the whole world, not just the US talk about.

What are the odds of this image being what it is. With it's huge size and after so many decades why has no one else discovered this image. This is an image that can be seen from space all around the world with just an 8X-power binocular on the moons surface when it is full. I googled to see if it was discovered by someone else, but nothing. Yes I found this image, it came to me in a dream. Since then I have had some other disturbing repeated dreams and I truly believe they are premonitions. In one dream something bad is happening in the pacific ocean but not sure, I believe it may be an asteroid rock. I will not say what the other two dreams are because of certain reasons. Although one dream does involve a candle lit temple with a large clock on the floor it had many symbols. Without the gray's mouth moving the gray said this event must end and the clock moved clockwise or forward. Said you may go now, I exit the large temple with columns and stairs going down. Outside was a brightly lit sun and what looked like extreme nature. They may just be bad nightmares or I eat before bedtime. But may be a way of also communicating. What are dreams really made of. The grays might just be a machine that God created to help him build the universe or if there is more then one universe. I think the grays communicate with some kind of machine that can manipulate brain waves. I know it sounds crazy right. But how can so many people around the world have the same type of dreams with the same grays, same type of mind control and outcome. These are odds that are too great.

Well hope you don't think I'm crazy, but I did find that image. That must be proof of something. I tried to post it but message said file to large, pixel. If Bob wants I can send it to his email to post it. Who knows maybe it can go viral on Youtube. I wouldn't know how to post on utube, I tried someone on facebook couldn't figure it out. Had to befriend somebody, how the hell do you do that, throw them a party.

Well, right now can't answer with any responses, it's 10:30PM. 12/18. Getting off work really need to get some sleep plus hotel parking lot has no free Wi-Fi unless you have a passcode, oh well. I'll try to answer tomorrow, chow.

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