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June will be a very busy month for us as we're getting several new parts for the van, Plus doing the sound dampening.. But most importantly, Last Fri we ordered the front splitter for the van. This custom product will take 8-10 weeks to create and for delivery from Poland.


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To anyone who owners a 2019-2023 Transit Connect, this is going one of the hardest things you'll have to replace. A parking bulb no bigger than the tip of your small finger went out after four years. It took the shop 3 Hours+ just to replace the small parking light located inside the passenger side head light housing.. Reason being is the AC condenser is in the way and part of the front bumper cover needed to be removed.. The drivers side is not like this can can be easily accessed.


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The New Bilstein B6 shocks have been ordered and are on their way from Mich.. also, while cleaning the van this weekend I took a measurement of the rear coil springs. We're going to have to locate coil spring sleeves just to firm up both of the rear springs. if you're not familiar with what coil spring sleeve are.. these are rigid plastic/rubber molding that fit onto your springs.


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After 2 years of riding on blue painted calipers, we've finally changed things up..


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[Connect Owners] Important Info About Your Transmission

The connect has bene know to have shuddering issue with the van. But April this year I switched things up. In order to find out why these vans have these types of issues, Most TC owners would take their vans back to the dealership. The wife and I do not have a good relation ship with the dealership so we've had to locate other shop to handle our installation.

My main issue has been that I'm not able to locate a shop willing to use the BG Products on the van. Until last April. I went in for a trans service and we hit with two options.. both seemed reasonable. however along the way, the shop change their quotes as the trans cooler lines are too difficult to access.. I wasn't pleased with this arrangement. I took the least expensive route which still included the BG products line, but without the flush and fill option.

For the last month, We've not experienced ANY shuddering issues as I feel the BG products have finally worked their way into the system. Now that I know "other" fluids are a better option than the motorcraft option from Ford, we'll be looking at adding better fluids from alternative sources. case in point, Motul a French motor oil has unofficially taken on the support of our project this means that at some point when we're ready, we'll be switching over from the BG products line to the Low Viscosity ATF trans fluid by Motul.

it's obvious that the Motorcraft fluid is what is causing these issue with the transmission on ALL of these connect van and some other Ford cars who use the same type of transmissions and we'll never go back to the motorcraft brand again.

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