Three Campers Gunned Down at Popular Iowa Park

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Jun 5, 2020
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NH=summer FL=winter
Hopefully it wasn't anyone known on here, victims or perp...?

The terrible tragedy of sick individuals committing the most heinous crimes seems to be happening too much.
Without any political discussion on that fact, what can the country do to reduce these events without trampling on the Americans who favor their second amendment rights?

A 23-year-old gunned down three campers at an Iowa state park early Friday morning before fatally shooting himself nearby, authorities say.

Anthony Orlando Sherwin, of Nebraska, was identified by the Iowa Department of Public Safety as the shooter, accused of killing three people at the Maquoketa Caves State Park campground—a popular attraction in Iowa that draws 300,000 visitors annually.

Sherwin is accused of then heading just west of the park to take his own life, the department said in a brief media release.

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Can't we just go back to the 70's.....
He was camping with them. If we can't "trample", as you call it, then accept the gun violence.
Who are you kidding? The gun violence of this type is caused by the media attention that it gets. Want proof? In sports they discovered that people running on to the field became a fad. So the broadcasters started a plan where they would not televise these disruptions and it all went away. You want to commit suicide and make a huge amount of attention doing it, shoot up a school or coffee shop then turn the gun on yourself. The problem is not the gun, it's the mind of the person doing the damage to others. Go ahead and take the guns but keep airing the massacres. You take any car and get it up to 100mph and hit a parade. Set all the exits to any town out west on fire and set a huge fire up wind of the town. All you need is a few wind-up alarm clocks and a few fireworks. Trust me, it will lead on TV in the national news. Then there is the cross bow. You can make bombs. You can drop home made Napalm from a stolen airplane. People are just not that imaginative. But my favorite is government sanctioned tyranny where first you make everyone defenseless. Once the sheep are ready you sheer them. It's basic 4-H. The best part is to be in charge of the tyranny. Yep, "if it bleeds it leads. "
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