Seriously, so you want to be in love again...

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Been Thinkin'
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Jan 20, 2022
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Pinconning, Michigan
Best of luck to you! Drive safe and Have fun.

NO- It's not going to be "fun". I have been thinkin' again.
Over the years it was "fun" to come HOME. To problems that needed solving and being asked to be 100% involved with each child and my wife at the same time.
Looking back now, after the fact, that was "fun"!
No more fun here and there will be no fun where ever I happen to find myself.
What I hope is to just move from place to place and keep breathing another breath and look at what ever is in front of me.
There may come a time or place when I can be helpful to hurry along some one else find their way to their "fun".
Today, I woke up and decided to check my order for solar panels and controller for my trailer, not shipped yet. Oh well maybe tomorrow. That's the last piece that I need to be self sufficient when I leave all of these things that have memories behind.
Got the oil and filter changed on the pickup, tomorrow I'll check the air in all the tires and maybe mow more of the weeds in the yard.
Here I sit- remembering -- My son who is away on his sail boat, Only saw him once this summer, Memories return , How Linda and I stuck off by ourselves while we were "dating" and talking about what our lives were going to be like when we had enough money, about, not just us two, but what it would be like to be a family, you know where we would live and about having kids. What that would be like. Then she told me that she was pregnant, Wow, At that moment, I grew up, like a shot. She trusted me and by dam sure I was going to be trust worthy. Until that moment the future was just dreaming, At that moment the future hit me head on, like I'd been hit by lighting. At that moment, I stopped dreaming.
We went the next day and did all the blood tests and got a marriage license, there was a waiting period back then. But it was full steam ahead, crossing all the "Ts and dotting all the "Is" and life really began. This was real!, It's still real, our son is out on his boat somewhere right now, That lighting strike is still here and there and now!
So, As I begin to live again, sort of, each day is just a dream, like back then.
Is there a new jolt of lightning. I don't think I can handle anything like that again. So, I think I'll roam along or wander until the lights go out.