Rejection, PTSD and a song about being a nomad

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Jul 24, 2020
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Maine USA
This morning a friend from back in Maine sent me a song he wrote for my birthday. I thought I would share it with the HOWA community on the FB page. I was instantly rejected as an attempt to spam and promote the content, ( it had 10 whole views this morning) when it was me sharing a song about living on the road, which could not be any more on target for the HOWA nomad community... but.. without bothering to listen to it or see that it was not about promotion, but sharing.... it was not allowed... I do not do rejection well, especially when I am trying to give back to the community and or do something nice for others... I'll get over it....

HOWA has gone corporate, with hard fast rules and fenced in behaviors. While I understand the need to "keep in reined in" it has gotten impersonal and arms reach. I suppose this was bound to happen, that the popularity of HOWA would change the organization... sigh.. so for my bday today, I start it out with a dose of rejection.. and that is one of my faults... rejection triggers ptsd reactions.. there is a reason I don't share much... So here is that song..

All that happened is that mistook the HOWA website for a "social media entertainment" website. It is a non profit organization's website.
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Thank you. That was a beautiful song. I listened to it right after sunset at my campsite just outside the Grand Canyon. Yesterday I saw wild horses and at dawn a coyote passed by. Happy Birthday! And thanks for a great nomad share.
Yeah, you just have to forget about the rejection. It's not part of your happy life. I get rejected and deleted all the time. It's just my winning personality. I don't even waste any time trying to understand why. Control freaks will always find a place and a way to exert their power. It's how you know that you don't have that affliction and need to reinforce the space you are protecting. Let them scorch the earth. They can't hide in plain sight. It's a trudge to keep things in control. It's a burden that they must shoulder on their own backs. It, on its own merit, is a joke that makes me laugh.