Portable Food Warmer 12V 24V 110V 3-in-1 $23.77

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In my nomadic lifestyle I would get poor value out of a Hot Logic, I typically only do long drives on a highway a few times a year. I do not eat a lot of hot meals in the early afternoon which is when I would have enough solar input hours for a hot logic off my house battery/solar.

These small appliance decisions work for some people but not for others. I can heat in minutes on my mini gas stove top what takes hours to heat in a hot logic. I did buy a hot logic from a thrift store to try before I went on the road. I tried out a bunch of stuff I read about in this cooking section before I went full time. The only thing I tried that has been in daily use for cooking going on year 4 is a Gas One Mini butane stove. My travel trailer is very small so I like how compact it is. It was love at first try.

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