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May 27, 2024
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Clinton washington
Hi I am Wendy. This year I’ve made the decision to embark on a a nomadic lifestyle of my choice. I am currently putting my van together to make it safe and secure, as well as comfortable.
I am on SSDI AND SSI. I’m exploring now to see if I will have to return back to the state of Washington where I currently reside, on any kind of set schedule in order to maintain my benefits as they stand. Once I have that and my van in place I will be on my way. Starting from here to my home state of Montana to see friends and family and on to so calif to Idyllwild in the mountains above Palm Springs. From there my plan is to make my way over to Arizona for a howa event in late sept. I hope spend my winter down south there exploring and meeting people

One passion I have is to feed people. Especially those who need to experience healthy home made food. I have been a gardener for many years and eventually I’d like to connect with other nomads who may have similar interests and others who have new things to learn of. My gardening led me to sharing food with others and from there to feeding people. Now that the rent situation has become a barrier between me and the happiness I feel I deserve, I’m going to do this traveling thing in an attempt to enhance my life and perhaps the lives of others as I go.
I’m looking for a person or some people to travel with caravan style.
If anyone has suggestions of any kind for me please reach out. I’m currently in nw Washington. Hope to meet some of you sometime soon. Happy trails, Wendy
Welcome your sure to get good info here. I share food too. There is always a good feeling to feeding folks. I love it too.
Though my gardening itch has left me. I know where the farmers market is I know where to produce section is and the #$% weeds I been pulling for 30+ yrs have won the battle.
I like now to travel for food goodies (not just food) when we get out and about.
I hope you find a good group of folks to travel/feed.
Welcome Wendy!

Thanks for joining and on behalf of the team, we're glad you found us!

Please keep us updated on your journey.
Welcome to the Van Living Forum :) You'll be amazed at what all you can learn about here.
And yes....a bunch of us cook too.....even food wrapped in aluminum foil and placed on the engine to cook while we drive.
Join up with a caravan and you will have plenty of people to feed!

If you need extra income you can always get a job cooking at events. As you travel it is pretty easy to get food handler’s permits in different states. Covid made a bunch of stuff easier to do online and the study guides for regulations as well as taking the test to get permits is now done online. No more waiting for a class to be scheduled in a nearby location and no need to show up for a test appointment.

Previously one member of this forum was creating an income stream in the winter months in Quartzsite AZ by proofing and baking wood oven cooked sourdough bread. She always sold out of everything she made!

There is also a section of this forum dedicated to “foodies” and what they like to make. You will fit right in with that section of the forum.

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