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May 31, 2015
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Wayne National Forest, Ohio
Could we all be painting our rigs with this stuff in time ?

Purdue University Professor of Engineering has developed the whitest paint ever. It won't be available
until next year but it claims to lower heat and thus less demand on air conditioning/electric needs. Just in
time for global warming woes as last summer 2023 was the warmest summer on record. The secret to this
paint is the incorporation of Barium Sulfate. This has shown to reduce the roof temperatures by nine degrees
at mid day, and nineteen degrees in the later evenings. This claims to reduce AC needs by forty per cent.
At this time Purdue's Engineering Dept is looking into more specialized paints for cars, trains, aircraft, and are
looking into tinting it to produce other colors. (I'm sure they will realize the RV market)

In another thread there is news of a Solar RV Awning. Perhaps that awning working in tandem with an ultra white paint
coating could enable highly efficient EZ start compressors for AC units or refrigeration outfits making this more common in our rigs.
It may also lighten the load when considering conventional solar apparatus in use now

Read more:

The Whitest Paint is Here Purdue University News
The solar awning is already in production and being sold. Orders were being taken at one of the booths in the big tent sale in Quartzsite this January 2024.

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