Huge insurance rate increase with Geico in MN

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Dec 3, 2018
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Just got off the phone with a Geico rep who told me that the 40% increase on my last bill was a statewide rate hike. But there's nothing about it in the news, just some articles a few months ago about 5-10% hikes in the Midwest. Anyone else hit with a similar hike?

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Just got off the phone with a Geico rep who told me that the 40% increase on my last bill was a statewide rate hike.
Did you just turn a certain age? Rates will go up when you are 'older'. But then that doesn't square with their explanation of a general statewide hike.
They did that 40% rate hike to my RAV 4 at the start of the pandemic. I could not get any explanation. Oh, and did I mention I am a GEICO employee?!! Now insured with State Farm.
They recently closed all California offices, except one if I recall correctly. Everything is phone or online now there.
I have had similar things happen with different insurance companies.
I found that I could call the company four different times in the same day, or four days in a row, get four different people, and each one told me a different story, and none of them were true (I was able to check the facts on all of them).
I was actually never told the same story twice.

When I asked to go up the command chain to a "higher up", that person just told me another story which wasn't true either.
I have changed insurance companies more than once because of this kind of thing, but I very much doubt that you could find one that doesn't lie to you. they just raise the rates if they feel like it, so I am just with the company that gives me the best deal, and I do not expect them to be honorable.
One of my co-workers says she has to change car ins. companies every 2 to 3 years due to unexplained rate hikes. She cycles back to a previous one that is now lower than her current insurer.
Always remember that insurance companies are NOT in the claim-paying business -- they're in the premium-collecting business.
I've made this warning months ago on the Connect forums. We learn that our insurance company listed us (without us knowing) as being handicapped, retired and out van listed as "commercial use only". Because our insurance company decided to do their own thing without us knowing, this sent our yearly rate from $1,000 to $3,700 thus we located a new insurance company.
Update: State Farm was willing to insure it, and their coverage/price matched what Geico originally offered. But later they sent me a contract with half the coverage for the same price. When I asked if that was a mistake, they claimed not to even offer the policy they'd quoted over the phone (which was hard to believe since their agent went over all of the coverages and confirmed them in the computer system).
Always have them email you a quote if talking on the phone with them.

Specifically ask them to send it while you're taking to them so you can see what they're explaining to you while you are talking.

It removes a lot of the they said/you heard, you said/they heard problems that seem to be common in many customer service interactions.

You might have found the great CS rep that knows everything and can help you. And it gets handed to a capable but less knowledge agent that can't find it. Happens all the time.
Mine almost doubled with Geico. It forced me to shop around and I ended up going with USAA for less money, and better coverage.
Well, trying Progressive for now. Too soon to know if they'll be any better (and I don't want to jinx it) , but they quoted me a better price and everything checks out on the paperwork they e-mailed.

@rruff - No kidding. Their local rep wouldn't send terms even after being asked several times. Sounded like he didn't even know how, but he was evasive on top of that 🙄 Then they kept sending bills after I ended the policy.

@Happy Camper - You're absolutely right, and I should have done that with State Farm. It was almost the close of business hours when I called them and I was trying to be 'nice.' Regretted it almost instantly.
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Mine almost doubled with Geico. It forced me to shop around and I ended up going with USAA for less money, and better coverage.
Yikes, that's even worse. Glad you found better coverage. Did they give you a run-around about the reason, or did you already know it wasn't worth asking?
I got State Farm ages ago, at the time they were the only company I could get motorcycle insurance with without having a car insured with them. I stayed with them over time when I had cars, then homeowners ins. Ive checked some other companies, the general outcome is "Let us give you a quote! Who do you have insurance with currently?" "State Farm." "Oh, we cant beat their rates."

Moms car was insured by another company, I ended up checking with State Farm and adding it to my insurance, with the discount of the multiple, it ended up only costing I think $12/mo more then without it added. It was less then whatever her old insurance was.

I let them talk me into the towing insurance boondoggle many years ago. Seemed like a scam after i agreed to it, I think it was around $12-$14/year, maybe $12/6 mo? Anyway, you pay the tow, then take the bill in. First time I had a breakdown and couldnt fix it on the side of the road, I got towed into a town and took the bill in. They asked if I had it towed to the closest place I could get it repaired, I said yes, they gave me a check. Boom. Done. No issues. I gave up fixing stuff on the side of the road. Huge improvement in quality of life. I at least get it towed into town to a friends place or whatever, just the closest place I could get it repaired. Had a tow to a preachers house once. Anyway, Ive used the heck out of the towing insurance over the years, and theyve never kicked about paying me back, even with some fairly hefty tow charges.