Here's a story of a man that used a P.O. box for his permanent address and got away with it

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Jim D

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Aug 27, 2022
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Las Vegas
I was told by someone at Escapees that Nevada allows a mail service address on Nevada drivers licenses so I went looking to find out. Nevada won't allow any P.O. boxes no how no way. All the Nevada DMV states is that you have to have a permanent address and you can't use a P.O. Box because they are not permanent. I'm still looking but I ran into this guy's story.

I didn’t have enough money to get an apartment, so I started to sleep in my car.

I knew that what I really needed was a permanent address, but in my sudden new position in life there was no way I could get one.

Here’s what I did …
I went to a post office (PO) box rental company and rented a box.
Instead of putting down my address as “Box 12” when I was filling out a form, I put down “Unit 12”.

Not once did I ever get a complaint from the mailbox company or the post office.
All my mail arrived without a problem, including government mail.
It’s a really good way to maintain a permanent address if you’re moving around a lot or are temporarily living in your car.

It can even help you to improve your credit rating because it appears like you’re in a stable location for a period of time.
The other thing that I did was I got a gym membership. I’d go to the gym every day to take a shower.

The PO box cost me about $35 dollars a month, and the gym membership was about the same.

So, for less than three dollars a day I was able to stay clean and appear, at least on paper and to everyone else, to be stable.

I lived in my car for eight months before I was able to find a job and then another four months before I was able to save up enough money for first and last month’s rent and get myself into a small apartment.

Would you believe that no one ever found me out? It’s true! No one ever knew!
One of the first things I did after I got my PO box address was to try and get credit.
Of course I was declined, but the address went on my credit rating nonetheless.
I am absolutely sure that the apartment rental agency that I applied to wouldn’t have approved my rental application had I not tried to use the PO box’s address as my own to get credit a year earlier.

To them it looked like I had lived for a year at my previous address and simply chose not to renew my lease. I even said as much when I was filling out my application.
During that year I spent another ten dollars a week at the laundromat to keep my clothes clean, including the cost for laundry detergent.

Toothpaste, soap and other incidentals cost me around thirty dollars a month.
So basically my rent, water, electricity, laundry and personal grooming cost me about $150 a month, five dollars a day.

During the time that I wasn’t working I’d go to various public parks around town and remove soda pop and beer cans from the garbage cans.

When I had filled up the trunk of my car and then some, I went to the supermarket and put the cans in the recycling machines out front.

I got a nickel for two cans and two cents for a single can.
I was actually able to collect enough cans to pay the five dollars a day for my upkeep and also put two gallons of gas in my car so that I could drive around the next day.
Incredibly, I was also able to collect enough cans to buy a liter of water and a package of Tang (powdered orange-flavored drink) every day.

There was even enough left over for a Hostess dessert pie for breakfast, a 7-Eleven microwaveable burrito for lunch and some bread, ham, cheese and fruit for dinner!
My food expenses were about seven dollars a day and it was about the same for gasoline.

So, I lived on a budget of $20 dollars a day for nine months.
Somehow, and I have no idea how, I was able to collect between 400 and 500 cans a day—and I survived!

I have no shame in it, nor in sharing it; it wasn’t my fault to begin with, but in no way was I going to give up. I’m too proud.

Sure, I could have sold my car to rent an apartment, but then how would I get to work or find a job?
By bus? Not so practical in San Diego.
So I did what I did in the way that I did it.

Today, I have a house on the beach and I will buy a second one soon. I have a new wife whom I love and who loves me and we have a wonderful son together.
I’ve worked for 11 years at the same company, so my life is stable once again.
But I’ll never forget that year; it was a true life lesson.
And you know what?

It wasn’t so bad living in my car collecting cans so that I could get through the day!
Get a PO box, get a gym membership, maintain a prepaid cellular line so people can call you, try to get credit, do what you need to do to find the $20 to $30 dollars a day you need and in the end you’ll be just fine!
Good luck!

Here's the link to the full Quora article:

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Jan 26, 2021
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I second that. When I was buying judgments, I rented a PO box but instead of showing PO box in any address I gave up I listed the physical address of the post office with a unit number which was my box number and the nine digit zip code which was specific to my box, Got a couple of nasty letters from the postmaster but as is typical with semi-government employees there was no follow-up, no consequence, I applied using a friend's address who I knew was moving so there was no way to find out where I was. Worked for 10 years until I gave it up.