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Nov 17, 2016
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My 70 Ford truck died in the motel 6 parking lot in Tremonton UT a couple weeks ago. I was stranded and hit the wifi to find help on line. First 2 I called couldn't see me on Saturday but number 3 was amazing

Name of Business: AS Automotive
Name of Mechanic(s): Ampelio Soto
Address: 898 E Factory Garland UT 84321
Phone Number: 435-764-4794
Date(s) of service: June 11, 2022
Vehicle(s) worked on: 1970 Ford 250 Ranger.

I had left my truck for a year in Idaho. I drove it around a few days and needed new battery and cooling hoses and connectors then hit the road for AZ. I was tired and stopped in Tremonton UT just to check the motel price.. It was too high but Fred the truck was dead in the water after I stopped so I paid up. I found Mr. Soto and he came right out Sat. morning. In the morning, of course, my truck started right up ( 101.00 for the room for the night) He said probably just a dead spot in the starter from sitting too long. He showed me where to whack it and said in a manual rig this old you don't even need a starter you can push start it . I asked him if he could check it all over so followed him to his shop. He checked all the electrical, everything was good. He at first refused to take anything for his 40 minutes of time and gas but I did get him to accept 20 bucks.
Work completed: Nothing and he taught me how to fix the problem myself.
Overall impression of service: The BEST! I have been ripped off by mechanics so many times I can't even count them. Mr. Soto could have sold me anything because I was scheduled to work in just a few days and had to get back to Sun Valley AZ. He could have sold me a starter, alternator or anything and mechanically challenged me would have gladly paid. A wonderful human being and judging from how many people called and dropped by the shop in the time I was there, he is highly regarded in his community.

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