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Dec 26, 2021
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Am I crazy? Some people clearly think so. I hand them my card with website and details on it. And I explain to them that my mother started teaching me that magic is very real and not fantasy, way back when I was two years old. She showed me by doing magic (the real thing, not tricks) and then taught me how to do likewise, which came easily at age two.

It's usually very hard for adults to learn -- if they can learn to do it at all -- but at age two, there is no need for faith to overcome one's unbelief, because at two, one does not have any unbelief to overcome! So I hand them the card and explain to them -- as they look at me incredulously -- that I wrote a 33,000-word book (free and online), that tells many of my personal magical experiences through life, and that I did this because so many adults I see around me don't believe in magic anymore at all. "They think it's just fantasy for children!" I tell them, "and I want people to know the truth so they can learn to make use of it!"

A fair number of people give me a look as though thinking "Oh man, this guy has totally lost it! Over the edge even! Clearly heading for an institution, maybe the 'men in white coats' or at least a retirement home for the senile. We better humor him for the moment, and then 'get the hell out of Dodge.'"

As I finish, they politely tuck my card into a pocket, thank me, and promise to examine my website as soon as they have an opportunity to do so. But I later check my website stats and discover most were never there. Instead, I think the card most often goes into the nearest trash can when they're sure I'm out of sight.

But that's ok. I don't feel bad about it, because I give them an opportunity to change their lives for the better, an opportunity to learn how easy it can be to manage one's environment (and happiness) with magic. The many who instead hold onto their problems and emotional distresses are making their own personal choice, which they have every right to. My job is only to offer an alternative, so I'm satisfied with fulfilling my role. 😌
As they say most think it is impossible so they never try and leave us "crazy" people to actually do what appears impossible then wonder how we do it lol....worlds within worlds..all inside of our own imagination


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