12 volt Mac Mini computer for sale.....

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Nov 19, 2020
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I'm selling my spare Mac Mini computer. IT RUNS ON 12 VOLTS (NO INVERTER, NO LOST POWER) The interal power supply which normally converts 110 volt power to 12 volts has been removed, and there is a connector on the back to allow it to run from your house battery or your vehicle battery.

I will include a 12 volt cable made to your specifications (Length, type of connector on the end, etc.) at no additional cost.

I will also include a 12 volt adapter so you can run it from 110 volts if you desire.

Mac Mini A1347 (Mid-2010)
2.4ghz Intel processor
8 GB Ram (Can be upgraded to 16 MB)
250gb SSD drive
High Sierra operating system is installed.

I have been using one of these as my one and only computer for almost 2 years, and realize that I don't need a spare. I use it for email (Yahoo, Gmail, and Proton Mail) All my word processing and spreadsheet requirements (LibreOffice, which is free and can read and write Microsoft compatible files) and for streaming videos and music. Not only that, but I plug in a 64gb thumb drive into it which has my favorite music as well as all of my digital books. Obviously, I also use it to browse the internet.

Total price is $150 plus $16 for shipping.