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Nov 19, 2020
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Some time ago I read a great tip on this site (One of many!!) about the use of vinegar to kill the smell of urine (#1, pee, whatever) . Because I am often camped near lakes, I added vinegar to a 5 gallon container and NO objectionable odor. 10 days later, I can open the container without worrying about the smell permeating my van. As a guy, I find it easy to make my contributions right into the container.

I have included a photo of the type of container I use. It's available from TAP Plastics, and many other retailers. It's stackable, and I also use them for drinking water. There's a screw-on lid for it, and also a spigot the screws into the lid.

My questions are:
1. Has anyone tried powdered (dehydrated) vinegar for the same purpose?
2. Has anyone added either form of vinegar to #2 containers?

Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you health, wealth, and happiness, and the time to enjoy them.

5 Liter Plastic Stackable Bottle.jpg