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  1. J

    The REAL Reason No One Wants To Work Anymore

    Let's not forget the ones closer to home, who work on our vans and charge nothing for their time and knowledge. That's also a ministry, and you don't have to be ordained to do it!
  2. J

    What are YOU listening to??

    Tommy Emanuel - Guitar Mastery a sample -
  3. J

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    I think it all works out... Amazon recently delivered an order of mine to a wrong address - driver reported s/he delivered it to a residence - my address here is a UPS store in a strip mall! I got my money back, and presumably some random stranger got my stuff.
  4. J

    I know I am spoiled a bit

    Here's a second on Big Agnes bags. I have one where the zipper runs down the middle of the bag. This is VERY handy when you are sleeping on a bed that is against the wall - it doesn't matter if my van is on a slant, I can sleep with my head at whichever end is higher and still easily get out of...
  5. J

    Camping coffee bags

    If you need to make a quart of coffee at a time, the AeroPress is not for you! But if you don't need a quart - the AeroPress made the best coffee I have ever made, one cup at a time. Smooth and not a bit acidic. Alas, I can no longer drink coffee...
  6. J

    Just For Fun

    Ha! We all know about it anyway... ;)
  7. J

    Camping coffee bags

    I've never done this - can't drink coffee anymore :(. But you could make your coffee bags with your favorite ground coffee. Google up "empty tea bags".
  8. J

    Where's Global Warming when they need it? Mongolia has just seen its harshest winter in 50 years.

    The sealed Biodome turned out not to be completely self-sustaining, IIRC. Very interesting tour, recommended if you are ever out that way. It is still being used for various research projects.
  9. J

    Buying Land

    That's all true. But it still needs to pencil out somehow, unless the community has some kind of sugar daddy.
  10. J

    Buying Land

    Money. It probably wouldn't pencil out for them if there were fewer units on that particular piece of land.
  11. J


    Long-time user of StarWalk on my iphone. There are others, but I stick with what I know!
  12. J

    Where's Global Warming when they need it? Mongolia has just seen its harshest winter in 50 years.

    Yup. Dump more energy into a system and entropy - i.e. chaos - increases. It's the law! "Normal" weather is becoming a thing of the past.
  13. J

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    You know it hurts to see that. I can't imagine how desperate you'd have to be to stay in a filthy hulk like that. I also can't imagine owning something that expensive and just dumping it. Thanks for posting this.
  14. J

    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Yup. Just like a bear!
  15. J

    Things to leave behind when RV/Camping

    Probably a state law that at least some state timberland land must be managed to produce money, rather than for multiple use, recreation use, or to preserve environmental values. This kind of law is pretty common in the western states.
  16. J


    Hello there, my permanent address is Seattle area. I'm there maybe two weeks out of the year, but the Cascades are definitely in my bailiwick. My life is undergoing some truly drastic changes this year, so I'm not sure exactly when I'll be back, but I definitely will be! Maybe we'll connect...
  17. J

    Water Powered Generator, Converting H20 into Hydrogen as fuel & O2 as Clean Exhaust!

    Science is always finding out more. So no, not the end. There are some things we are pretty sure won't change, or if they do, it will mean we're all dead anyway. For instance, the direction from which the sun "rises". This will not change as long as the earth remains in its current orbit. Which...
  18. J

    Ultra-white paint to aid in air conditioning

    Personally, I find it easier to keep warm than to stay cool, so I would be very interested in this paint. However I doubt it is the kind of paint you could simply brush on...
  19. J

    The SOY-if-a-cation of prepared foods

    Like all legumes, soy contains sugars, protein, and fat. Paulette may have issues with one, two, or all three of the components. Figuring out which is a process of elimination. The process may or may not be worth it to her. Does she also have problems with ordinary beans, or is it just soy...
  20. J

    Bag users - where do you store #2

    I use the Doody Bags. Once that inner bag is sealed, there's no odor that I can detect. I can typically get three uses before I need to dispose of it. I can usually plan things so that I don't need to store the sealed bag for long. But if I need to, I just pop into any plastic bag until I can...