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  1. WanderingRose

    New and dreaming

    It makes sense, really. I believe that our kids, pets, whatever external structure and expectations we have sometimes prop us up and keep us going when we otherwise might just quit. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate, and I wish for you the strength to get up each day, put one foot ahead...
  2. WanderingRose

    Social security insolvency 2033

    My husband and I took ours at 62, as many others advised us this was the best way to get back what you had paid in. My husband then died a month after his 65th birthday. You know what happens with your SS when you die, right? Unless you leave dependents, all that you have paid in stays in the...
  3. WanderingRose

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    I bought a WeBoost, single device, signal booster several years ago, which works very well, boosting weak signal to something usable.
  4. WanderingRose

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    My apologies.
  5. WanderingRose

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    I was thinking specifically of Lake Superior. It may be the lakes not freezing solid is why vehicles carrying bootleg fell thru. 🤔
  6. WanderingRose

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    Lots of running booze up on those lakes during Prohibition, some of those vehicles falling thru the ice and their loads periodically found intact at the bottom. Great stories. ☺️
  7. WanderingRose

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    Okay, then, but I’ve warned you. 😅
  8. WanderingRose

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    Hmmm, as one who has had a number of basal and squamous cell cancers, and one melanoma, the important thing is to catch them early. Just from my experience, dermatologists love to schedule us for Mohs procedures, the most expensive and dermatologically intrusive of their options. Takes an...
  9. WanderingRose

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    Looks lovely, John. I’m a UP/Lake Superior gal, myself, tho I don’t have any property up there it is one of my favorite places in the country.
  10. WanderingRose

    Ancestry DNA Genetic Test Kit sale $39,reg $99.00, & More + Free Shipping

    I have had dna testing twice, first by Ancestry and then 23andMe. Pretty fascinating, and my dna is not what I thought it to be. I have consented to have my dna used for research purposes, because I didn’t see a need not to. If my dna can help solve a crime, others to find their own family...
  11. WanderingRose

    When a pet needs things like surgery…

    Might talk with animal shelters about low cost veterinary care. They may have someone, or know of someone. Good luck.
  12. WanderingRose

    3 Months Full Time...

    Sounds to me like you are doing pretty well. Having traveled 3-4 months at a time, twice most years for the past 17 years, I have to say I learn something new most trips. Confidence comes from doing, managing, adapting, learning, continuing on, so while there are degrees of expertise I would...
  13. WanderingRose

    Sun visor for 2022 Sprinter

    I understand. It sounds like what I have, per bullfrog, is reflex insulation. Mine is simply cut, with a little rectangle out for the rear view mirror, and then my sun visors hold it in place. I don’t have any Velcro tabs, the sun visors do just fine. Does sound like this is a readily...
  14. WanderingRose

    Sun visor for 2022 Sprinter

    Mine is a kind of corrugated, heavy duty foil, that I believe was bought at a Home Depot or some such place and cut simply to fit. Works very well, folds to store, and I think this is what many use, basically making their own. I would go in one of those places and ask what they have. Let us...
  15. WanderingRose

    Portable Food Warmer 12V 24V 110V 3-in-1 $23.77

    Similar to a Hot Logic, which I have had and enjoyed a couple of years.
  16. WanderingRose

    What are you reading?

    Dean Koontz, “The Silent Corner”. His books often beg the question “who writes this stuff???”
  17. WanderingRose

    Carla's Camper

    Be aware it may still be winter at elevations in Colorado, possibly well into June. It’s going to be interesting to learn what the problem is with your black tank, Carla. 😅 If the toilet bowl won’t empty, it sounds like the tank may be clogged with an astonishing amount of toilet paper...
  18. WanderingRose

    Newcomer hello

    Welcome to Sprinter ownership, from one at 16 years. ☺️ As far as outfitting, start with just some camping basics and you will soon figure out what you need, and the “must haves”. Have fun.
  19. WanderingRose

    Carla's Camper

    I’m not big on writing bad reviews, but this campground might warrant it. 🙄 For unsuspecting others.
  20. WanderingRose

    Carla's Camper

    Many private campgrounds fine tune to a fault any local rules, and will not allow camping in a vehicle, you must have a purpose built RV or a tent. Public campgrounds, county/state/federal, are much less restrictive. It is difficult to imagine even private campground owners entering a screen...