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    6 gallon water heater. Hardly used.

    Here are the specs if anyone needs them. It worked great the couple times I used my van before I parted it all out.
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    1990's Chevy 4x4 front end parts excellent condition

    I changed my suburban 4x4 over from 1/2 ton to 3/4 ton and have almost new front end parts for sale at a discount. I have the steering knuckles and MOOG brand hibs with ABS sensors I have cross drilled directional rotors I have rear drums All are in used but almost new condition. All are...
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    6 gallon water heater. Hardly used.

    I have a 6 gallon water heater for sale. It was used for a few weeks in a van I built but decided to sell the van instead. The heater is in excellent shape, no dings etc. and like I said, the tank is hardly used. It can heat water from two sources, either plumb it into engine coolant OR 110V...