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  1. Tony's Dream

    New and dreaming

    I travel alone. She prefers better accommodations like hotels. :p
  2. Tony's Dream

    New and dreaming

    I started my planning 3 years before I retired. I set up and bulit a special traveling fund so I can travel without impacting our monthly budget. I bought a national park passport book and a rand mcnally map book. I litterally spent hundreds of hours mapping 18 travel routes throughout our...
  3. Tony's Dream

    Social security insolvency 2033

    I actually do believe that the government will take of me. What that care will look like is always changing as the politicians change. I have worked for the federal government for over 40 years, having served in the Army and USPS. I have managed my retirement funds over years and I have a...
  4. Tony's Dream

    New and dreaming

    Dreams are only dreams unless you have a plan. As my name implies, I too had this dream but its only partially being realized. I am unable to go full time living so I am currently a traveler. I go on trips of 10-18 days at a time. My dreams and plans have helped me along over the last two...
  5. Tony's Dream

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    One of these days I will make my way up there. When I do, I'll get in contact with you. :p Maybe you can tell me about some things to see in Michigan.
  6. Tony's Dream

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    Sounds good. :) I'm a loner too. Everyone needs a place to escape from this crazy world.
  7. Tony's Dream

    Life At Kamp Koon………

    So if I happen to be passing through Michigan, can I stay there too? :D
  8. Tony's Dream

    Does it really weigh that much?

    If you have ever worked on a camper, you will see there is more styrafoam then wood in your walls. Everything is the lightest materials they can get away with. Almost everything is glued together. I thought about building my own camper years ago. I wanted to build it like a house, solid and...
  9. Tony's Dream

    Ancestry DNA Genetic Test Kit sale $39,reg $99.00, & More + Free Shipping

    Just a thought to ponder....... Whenever you give a DNA sample, your DNA is now a public record. All of these companies provide the results of your DNA to the government. They have solved crimes buy accessing this database. If you wish to find your geneology, ask them to not add it to...
  10. Tony's Dream

    Hello all

    There are some helpful apps out there. I rarely have issues finding places to stay when I travel. Sometimes that might be Walmart or a hotel parking lot, but I can always find places.
  11. Tony's Dream

    Hello all

    Welcome. I too am a traveler and have been doing so for 2 years now. I use apps to find my places to stay and never really plan where I will be on a given day. I plan my trips around the weather, but there are times when I need heat at night. When I do, I can usually find an RV/campsite that...
  12. Tony's Dream

    More Countertop Questions

    I have used plywood as a counter top in the past. I agree with Maki2 and would suggest you using at least 1/2" plywood. Using methods like maki2 pointed out is the key to success. The bottom line much water/heat it will be asked to deal with.....and how much weight it will have to...
  13. Tony's Dream

    Cash only at some National Parks

    I have seen many sites that only accept credit cards. I think its a security thing to reduce the possibility of being robbed. When I visited quartzite, I was surprized that the long term camping only accepted cash?? I like using my credit card so I can track how much I spend on each of my trips.
  14. Tony's Dream


    I named my van Big Foot but have never had the pleasure of meeting one. :cautious:
  15. Tony's Dream

    Power source?

    You will need to look at something that can handle an inital surge of 1000 kw or better.
  16. Tony's Dream

    How do you stretch your income?

    I've been a numbers man all of my life. We use Quick books and maintain a budget. When there is something we want, we add it to our Amazon wish list and then compare the cost with retail stores. We also shop around on sites like face book or craiglist for used items. Garage sales and flea...
  17. Tony's Dream

    NM State park annual camp pass poss eliminated

    I agree. What I was trying to say is that the more gas you buy, the more you pay to maintain the roads. So if you live in a state and use the state parks often, you should pay more than the person just passing through. That is not the case with annual fees because the person who lives there...
  18. Tony's Dream

    NM State park annual camp pass poss eliminated

    As a traveler, the state parks fees are always a pain in my side. I still don't see the logic in why out of state people have to pay more. Someone within the state pays less but uses the park more. Some say its about the instate people paying for the parks through taxes, thus they pay less...
  19. Tony's Dream

    Still bashing my brains out over what kind of van I should get

    My first van was a Ford Transit Connect cargo van. It was large enough to to provide for my needs. It had great gas mileage, a max fan, and I added a window. As you said, I got "creaky" so I sold it and bought a Ford Transit 250. It not as good on gas as the connect, but it did provide me...
  20. Tony's Dream

    Inexpensive meals and eating

    I'm not a big deal person about eating. In fact one could say I'm very picky so I don't cook fancy meals. When I travel I carry mostly dry goods...pasta, canned soup, ceral, and precooked meals that you can buy in most grocery stores. I budget $30 a day for meals and always come back under...