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    Welcome to VanLiving!
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    New here.

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Buying Land

    Good luck. It does sound interesting. I hope you and your other interested parties can find a good piece of land. And I can see starting as a "circling of the wagons" to start with.
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    Wanderlust is back

    Welcome back. I hope things work out well for you.
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    Tesla Cybertruck owners get warning from US Forest Service

    That actually makes sense.
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    I found this Bob Wells video.

    He started this forum. He was working more on helping others, so he definitely knows his subject.
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    I found this Bob Wells video.

    I just watched this and think it has a lot of good, basic information for someone starting out, or just wanting to have a vacation.
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    Reverse mortgages

    VPN - is Texas but it does seem as if they are India since they put that as their location. Watch their posts, as they could come back and edit in a link for advertising. I want to spam ban, but cannot quite justify it - yet.
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    We have found that there is an issue and the tech has been notified.
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    24/7 Chat About Anything You can go to that link and pick your type of view. The forum does conform to phones in a special manner so they are seen best on that screen.
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    Digital Nomad

    Nice location and the set up sounds good.
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    Look to the lower left for the attached files. Click on that and you can upload images from your gallery on your device.
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    Welcome to the forum. I wish you well on your adventures. And your crafts sound delightful.
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    Van Living Forum Decals - Show yours off here!

    When you become an Annual or Lifetime Supporting Member you get 2 of these decals!. Already a Supporting Member? PM me your address and I will get some shipped. If you have received yours, please post here showing where you put them!
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    Found this for vehicle security

    There is a length of time the began post will stay and can be recalled when you next start a post. After this time, the draft is lost. I will need to double check but the draft usually lasts 24 hours. To clear a draft you can clear the draft icon on the top right of each post you are making.
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    Van Living Forum decal

    The bolded are mostly the ones that are not allowed to become full members after registering. Tx2sturgis sees those and helps keep the forum safe for the members. Those other 10% are the ones that do become members and are nomads, or nomads at heart. This is a safe site.
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    Van Living Forum decal

    I'm thinking these would more likely be on a bit of gear when you are set up for a bit. Many would put in the windows of their home vehicle, but I can see the issue of not brining attention to the set up, especially if stealth living in a populated area. I do appreciate the suggestions for...
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    Van Living Forum decal

    Hey all, we are designing a decal for Van Living Forum and I'd like to know what you think of this design. Does this suggest Van Living when you look at it? I'm interested in your ideas.
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    @Morgana - great on your cataracts and seeing color so much better. If one eye is worse than the other by about 2 dipoters (I think that's what it's called) they may want to do the 2nd eye to match the first. I had to get 2nd eye done due to that reason.
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    YouTube creators and federal parks charging a fee/license

    I was thinking he used a lot of BLM lands, and other members use BLM land. And when I heard about this I was thinking BLM and the nomads.