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  1. cyndi

    RIP highdesertranger

    Cam, if I can help in any way please let me know
  2. cyndi

    Quartzsite Musicians or Artists camp

    What the heck is the organic inheritor of the RTR?
  3. cyndi

    So Planet Fitness..

    ^ I have what I refer to as my *fake* bank account. It's not attached to my real account where my monthly checks are deposited so no one can clean me out. I transfer money into as needed. And I use it at gas stations and internet purchases. I only keep a couple hundred in it, at most
  4. cyndi

    Will there ever be a cure for Dromomania ?

    I've been cured of the ability not the desire
  5. cyndi

    Encountering COVID restrictions while traveling

    I recently traveled from New England to SC to AZ. Off the interstates and in the south, on secondary highways found lots of dining rooms in fast food restaurants closed as were the rest rooms. Once on the interstates that wasn't a problem.
  6. cyndi

    Kentucky Private Camp?

    That's guarenteed
  7. cyndi

    Kentucky Private Camp?

    I really enjoyed my stay at Cam's. It was extremely difficult to leave.
  8. cyndi

    Beast going up For Sale

    Where in TX? How much?
  9. cyndi

    A cabin in the woods

    Awesome! Congratulations!
  10. cyndi

    Steve's Service Center, Cottageville, SC

    the actual address is 10648 Cottageville Hwy Cottageville, SC 29435 Google shows a different address (843) 835-3068. For the second time in 7 years, I am visiting friends in Cottageville and needed repairs done to my vehicle. Steve came with great references. I brought my Class C motor home...
  11. cyndi

    RIP highdesertranger

    I was so looking forward to seeing Mike this winter. You are missed already.
  12. cyndi

    Black hills gold.

    One Native sold the land (tribal land), the then chief, Standing Bear. But, the land was stolen previously. Broken treaties. The family of Crazy Horse was never consulted and to this day resent the sculpture and how the entire debacle has been handled. Do some research. Peace out
  13. cyndi


    I'll be traveling through Georgia mid to late October. Stay in touch! I'm on the run, right now but if you send me a PM I'll send more details about me and my plan
  14. cyndi

    Black hills gold.

    The Crazy Horse monument is a desecration of Thunderhead Mountain, a site sacred to the Oglala Lakota. Your donations would be better put to use fighting the pipelines or contributing to the education of their future leaders
  15. cyndi

    hail damage to solar panels

    aw David. You are missed. And thought of, frequently
  16. cyndi

    Women only free camping resource

    I think it's a great resource for a few reasons. First, for safe overnighting if I can't find something else. Secondly, to make connections and network. And last if I am up for some company (although, not all of the hosts offer that)
  17. cyndi

    I Hope I'm in the Right Place

    I have a 97e150 conversion that I bought in 2014. She's a beast and just keeps on rolling. The previous owner took out the front seats that rotated and reclined. He replaced them with the passenger seats from the second row. One day I'll replace at least one of them with new swivel seats. In the...
  18. cyndi


    Phil runs Awesome Possum DIY Van works and center in Graham TX Bob did a video with him in 2020
  19. cyndi

    Probably not your typical cheap rvliving persons

    Welcome. There's no such thing as *typical cheap rvliving person*
  20. cyndi

    Hey Y’all !

    My emergency fund is enough to replace my vehicle, engine or transmission and a couple of weeks in a motel. $6,000 could cover that, depending on location and a replacement vehicle. I haven't spent over $4500 on a vehicle in 20 years