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  1. SheketEchad

    Haiku poetry game!

    Precious rain all night Rinses away desert dust Leaves sparkle in light
  2. SheketEchad

    What are YOU listening to??

    Between Highlander DVD and Outlanders...
  3. SheketEchad

    The adventure begins

    MG, where are you camping BLM with no data connection? I'm at Ehrenberg now and the connection is better than in Quartzsite(crowds). But I've stayed at other BLM and always had a connection. I do use a weboost, as I work from the road and must have a connection. But reading is always good...
  4. SheketEchad

    The adventure begins

    At the LTVA check in offices there are book swaps and free tables this year.   I picked up some nice books, and remembered I'm in a van  :P So I'm reading some and will drop some back off, but a few I'll tote around with me until I alight, whenever that may be!
  5. SheketEchad

    Chill Fireside Chat Spot for lost RTR peeps :)

    Electronic Dance Music And I missed it!!!!! :@ Maybe next weekend when I'm not working...
  6. SheketEchad

    Haiku poetry game!

    Millions and zillions? Expend your life minutes well Actions, not words, count
  7. SheketEchad

    What are YOU listening to??

    Yes, Damien is fantastic! Glad you liked it. One of his current faves of mine:
  8. SheketEchad

    What are YOU listening to??

    What I started my day with: And now:
  9. SheketEchad

    WOMENS FORUM - styling hair and putting on makeup

    While I usually don't wear make up out here, I do for special occasions (just so I remember how, lol) I have medium length naturally curly hair, and I have found that Hurley hair really works for me (surfer style). I just wash, salt spray, put on one of those microfiber turbans and let it dry...
  10. SheketEchad

    Just need to vent, woman to women...

    Even though I have to work full time while out here and so miss out on many of the daytime activities, I have not one single regret. Great people, amazing vistas, beautiful night skies and soothing scenery.  The wind can make things a tad interesting, but otherwise, come out when you can -...
  11. SheketEchad

    Haiku poetry game!

    With peaceful people Time flows gently, steadily Easing heart and mind
  12. SheketEchad

    Let the van build begin!!

    While I despise the carpet on the floor, the carpeted walls and ceiling that came with my van keep it bearable when it gets below freezing. It's also nice if you bang your head, lol. But oof, I do dislike it on the floor out here. I'm sure my van will weigh fifty lbs more due to sand before I...
  13. SheketEchad

    Small gathering In North East PA. Sept 2019

    Buster, there are many of us in the LTVAs out here in Q. Can't recall your rig type, but give a shout out when you're out here for the RTR. Not sure of camping areas near the RTR this year.
  14. SheketEchad

    What computing devices do you use?

    Android Motorola phone several years old. ZTE Visible back up phone Work laptop by HP running Windows Kindle Fire Nook And an antique Dell laptop with a busted frame, keyboard no longer works so I have a wireless keyboard and mouse that I swap around from machine to machine with a dongle...
  15. SheketEchad

    Haiku poetry game!

    Or river, valley, Tree, stone, water, see it all Mute beauty, soothing
  16. SheketEchad

    What are YOU listening to??

    An all time favorite of mine!
  17. SheketEchad

    staying healthy on the road this winter

    You know Georgie would jump between us and save me... Me :P
  18. SheketEchad

    YARC camp

    We all knew the rules. We had access to black tanks approved in person by the rangers. New rangers come in. They're just doing their jobs We move on. Missing my YARC peeps. But long fly the YARC flag!
  19. SheketEchad

    Haiku poetry game!

    He parked in a cave Then Putts started 'nother rave Quick! Many souls save