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    Aspiring Minimalist, getting stuck on keeping items just in case.

    My view is that, "I may be old, but I'm on top of the dirt." Hope that brings a smile to someone's face.
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    Gear For Sale Sportsman gasoline-powered inverter portable generator 1000/800 watt for $170

    I don't know anything about the original link to the company in PA or NC or wherever. I did go directly to the Tractor Supply website (easy to find, am not posting a link). The "Sportsman 800-Watt Gasoline Powered Inverter Portable Generator" has a listed sale price of $169, down from $299 as of...
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    Theft protection?

    I have two wheel locks facing opposite directions on my trailer. Plus "uncutable" locks on the door, the ball lever, and in the hitch well for the ball. May not completely protect me but will certainly slow the &^#@% down a little, maybe even make them leave it alone as too much work.
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    How do you clean a fired egg pan?

    Absolutely. I actually prefer carbon steel pans for an open fire instead of cast iron. Also, if you're considering trying a carbon steel pan, do an internet search for "cold handle camp skillet" and look at the photos. You want a skillet with what looks like a wrap of metal on top of the handle...
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    What happens to old campers

    I have seen motorhomes, pop-ups, A frames, and just about any other kind of RV at auto parts salvage yards. Good stuff gets removed quickly so you have to be somewhat lucky to be there at the right time. Usually it's not because the RV was too old but that it was in an accident of some kind...
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    How do you clean a fired egg pan?

    Try using a spray. Lots of options out there that are not PAM spray. I use a 100% olive oil spray, and a little butter, in an old Farberware stainless steel pan. Cook the eggs (I like my eggs fried hard, not runny), let the pan cool a bit, and wipe it out with a paper towel. No water, no mess...
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    Solar Panels on the dash

    I've had good luck with small solar items, like a Luci Light or a cell phone charger, in the front windshield while I have been driving. I would be a bit hesitant to try a full solar panel for a long period away from the vehicle.
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    Reverse mortgages

    That's my plan in the next few years. Sell the sticks & bricks for whatever I can get, and get on with it. I have no need for the "security of a place" and no desire to return (except maybe to visit friends) once I am finally out. I no longer want to live where I am now and would prefer some...
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    A community that cares about each other

    I wish good things for you, nature lover. Your post has a great deal of truth and a good standard to strive to achieve. I do try to live my online life (and "real" life) that way and some days it gets very difficult. I hope that you, and I, and everyone can work toward being less judgmental and...
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    Preparing meals.

    Depends on whether or not you want to do your reheating inside the vehicle. Years ago on a trip with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) I was introduced to an item - the Banks Fry-Bake. This is an outstanding item for outdoor wood or charcoal cooking. Works mostly like an oven and can be...
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    Tools Onboard - Question for full-timers

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I'll be adding those items to my list to purchase over the next couple of years.
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    Tools Onboard - Question for full-timers

    Folks, like the subject says, my query is for full-timers about tools. What tools do you find indispensable? What tools did you start with but later jettisoned? What tools would you recommend for someone without a ton of mechanical/vehicular knowledge? I currently run a Toyota Highlander across...
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    Anyone go with no built-in electricity?

    Again, thanks to everyone for the informative posts. There is some great discussion here for me (and anyone else so inclined) to mentally sort and absorb. I really appreciate all of the helpful hints and tips. I do think I will stick with my minimalist plan for the first iteration of my build...
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    Anyone go with no built-in electricity?

    Thank you, everyone. So many good ideas to investigate. I appreciate all of the input, even (maybe especially) from those who think I'm crazy. So on to a few replies.... To Sofisintown and Qxxx, I use candle lanterns, not open candles. The candle (a 1 inch tea light candle) is completely...
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    Anyone go with no built-in electricity?

    I don't have my van yet but am operating out of a Toyota Highlander and a 10 person tent. Works for now but I'm planning for the future (2 years until I can retire and nomad full-time). I'm not really technically minded and don't really trust myself to install solar (and can't pay for it to be...
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    New Member Hello

    Thank you, rvwandering, for the tips. I do my best on any Internet communication to be concise, clear, and polite. I find that goes a long way to preventing misunderstandings and "flame wars". Thank you to everyone for the warm welcome. I hope I can be a useful member of the forum.
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    New Member Hello

    Hello, Folks. I go by "Michael11". I've been researching van living for about a year, making plans for the shift from employment to retirement some time "soon" (within the next 2 years). My eventual goal is a Transit but currently I'm SUV camping in a Toyota Highlander. I've already learned a...