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    Looking at Upgrading to a 2500 3/4 ton

    It's no cargo van. It's fully insulated, wired, finished with all the best material Ford E350 1 ton with a Horton body.. Heat & air front & rear. No DEF/DPF to deal with. No rust, runs, looks & drives like new. Is registered, tagged & insured as a motorhome. Why do you think Bob Wells got an...
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    Rear door locking handle

    Need a picture
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    Anyone ever get a shoulder injury getting in and out of van? (especially women?)

    It's called getting 0lder. I have a fold up step on a rope I used for getting into planes but don't need it in the Ambo as I'm 6'4".
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    Make Plans, God Laughs

    People work & save their whole life to get to enjoy the "Golden years" then something happens to their health. I broke my back at 49. You've done a Great job, Congrads! Your Wealth is your Health!
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    Visible Limitations

    I've had Visable well over 2 years, free ZTE phone, $25/month no added fees, never been throttled & I think it's the best deal going.
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    Selling an RV; a "heads-up" tale

    I would have taken their money then charged a $1000 to sign the title. You did make them give you a copy of proof of insurance I hope or if they got in a wreck you'd be liable. Also the proper way is to do the deal at the sec of state so you're sure it's out of your name.
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    Lithium Sulfer Batteries
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    A wheeless van to live in (apt)

    I think I sold & delivered the 1st tiny house, an 8'x12' prebuilt shed with a floor. The gent was so happy showing me where he was putting this & that. put in a partial loft & it's all you need.
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    Don't buy Lectric Ebike

    Next time I bet you'll buy the extended warranty from Allstate.
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    any kayakers here?

    Guess you've never been to Michigan. Michigan has tens of thousands of miles of rivers and streams. In Michigan you're never more than 6 miles from a body of water or 85 miles from a Great Lake - which means you're never more than six miles from great fishing! 8 amazing water facts only...
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    Future vandweller here

    Does anyone badmouthing Ambos really own one?I have aE350 built better than any RV & I've been thru the RV plants & sold to them. I have the last International non computer, non turbo they put in them. I also had the last month 5.9 non computer Cummins. I get 16-18 doing 75mph Which the 5.9...
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    Alternator Output

    I left the master switch on for over a week & it started fine but put out the most I've seen it do, 150 amps at idle. The old DC generators barely put out at idle.
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    Choosing 2 vehicles over 1?

    I have a great ambo & an alum snowmobile trailer 103"x 12' I plan to pull with the solar gear & pair of electric bikes.
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    How can I make money with my van?

    Some people do well around here driving the Amish around if it's a passenger van.
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    Don't buy Lectric Ebike

    I bought a pair of Evercross scooters last year from Amazon for $499ea ($699 now) & they've been been great. They have 3 speed transmissions & 1 year warranties. Here's a review but I'd recommend them highly.
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    Alternator Output

    The ambo has a larger one for all the lights & equipment it can run. Do you know your alternator makes 3 phase AC?
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    Alternator Output

    My E350 ExAmbo now RV is diesel 12v w/2 big batteries & a 250 amp alt. & is the last year before computers so it does 13.8-14.8 volts.
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    how to find space to safely store a van (so it doesn't get vandalized, stolen, etc when on-street parking near stix n brix)

    Smaller airports would be a good spot either in a hanger & give the owner a few $$ or where the pilots park when on a trip. Cops like to sleep at airports. We had one at the local airport that my buddy asked if he'd like him to turn off the outside light & the cop said Thanks that would be great (:
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    tin storage bins

    I love milk crates as they lock together when they stack. I bought 500 for $100, split them with a friend.
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    Lil Willy my new toy.The small town we live near has a 2 hour parade for the 4th & I want my 2 Grandsons to drive it in it after I dress it up a bit.

    I bought it new from a dealer in TX. $2500/shipped, go's 37 mph. If I put it in the wrong place just move it, sorry! Put a 26mm carb & taller tires it will break 40. I was looking for a gas golf car but prices are crazy nuts this year & I found Willy.