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    Weekend jobs Arizona Renaissance Festival

    Pay is $10 hr and must like sitting by the fire and drinking beer.This will probably never be seen and I will be ejected again.Oh well.
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    Weekend jobs Arizona Renaissance Festival

    trying to hire someone to work 3 hrs a day for pay and a full hookup.Guess I'll get thrown off the forum again.
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    Weekend jobs Arizona Renaissance Festival

    I don't know why,but everytime I post the site throws me off.
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    Hot Topic: Social Security

    Right away,the new house majority declares their intention to cut Social Security and Medicare.How are us poor folks going to survive?
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    Holidays are for the slaves……..

    Living on land that you own is much cheaper than living on the road.Also much more comfortable.
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Some really good games on tv today.The final 4 is pretty much set.I'm a bulldog fan,butI think this might be Michigan's year to win it all.As a bonus,saw my granddaughter on tv doing her thing with the pom poms with the other Ga cheerleaders.
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    Are vans even close to being a viable option at campgrounds / RV parks? (esp. on the east coast)

    I live in south Ga. ln my camper on 19 acres of land.I am building a house for my winter home base.My property has an extra full hook up for a camper.At various times I have thought about letting folks camp here for a few nights for no charge.If I could be sure l would get quality people I would...
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    The State of the World, and Life's Real Questions

    After years of living in anguish and months of critical self evaluation,I only truly found peace when at last I realized that The Hokey Pokey really is what it's all about.
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    Slab City

    I have enough problems without going somewhere looking for more.
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    Never too old!!

    Never too old to realize what you thought about the way it is.
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    going nuts

    Bad time to be buying.
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    insulating with hot water heater fiberglass blankets

    Why would you have a heater that heats water that is already hot?
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    We seem to have a drop off in comments in this(my favorite)section.
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    I'll be watching you!

    Hell,he's a watch dog.I'm twice as lucky,I have 2 myself.
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    Not really looking for a lot of response.Just thought somebody might need a place to stay.Hell,if you are really hard up against it,we will forget the money.
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    campsite available on 19 acres.$150 per month.elec,water,sewer.south ga.
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    24/7 Chat About Anything

    Oh yeah,the reason most folks like camping in the great outdoors is so they can listen to some idiot playing a boom box.
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    Damn snake! :)

    I like it.